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Global Trend: Sharing

The age of busy workers and collaboration come with this age of global literacy.

Compare when man started to learn how to read and write, to today's computer age. The earth is better now. Those lives before today, lived and died accountable for this new generation.

The earth revolves and won't stop until an Almighty hand holds it up and grips it halt. Time reveals to humans - changes and beauty in every change. There is no need to fight, and call for wars: life must support life. Out with cannibalism, in with "I Share" for global unity!

Today man does not fight against man, but man defends himself against nature and unseen natural circumstances (calamities, sickness, accidents, etc.) that could destroy man.

Today's trend is not popularity but unity. Some call it collaboration, communities, strength in numbers or sharing, among others.

Modern technology brings cell phones, iPads, iPods, notebooks, wireless connections, new and better gadgets to cope up with a new …

The Act of Contrition: On Dying

July 30, 2010

The Dying

There is no denial to death.It will come like a thiefin the night.And when this happens, one must be ready to meet the Father God and leave love ones on earth for a while.This is not to make things horrible and curtail the present life undertakings, but it is seeingthat something better would come to all eternally.
Being prepared for deathis being reminded of roles in life.Having worked and working for loved ones and communities is a step forward going to some point of leaving.In any form, anyone has to be calm to make an exit gracefully.
From an ESL book “Express Yourself” questions are raised to students, and teachers have to prepare profoundanswers:What would you do if you had one year to live?How about if you had only six months?How about if you had only one week?The questions are teasing but quite serious because “What if?”How about you what would be your answers?
Questions like “How do you prepare for death?” comes up with interesting answers. “I have death pr…