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On October 14, 2016. Blogspot. Notes to Go


Today, we talked about the Figures of Speech (my students/high school at Holy Francis).

The students loved it.  I thought they would be bored, but they found it cool.

The students liked the simile, most, since it is the easiest because it can be spotted with the words "as" or "like" comparing.

The others are metaphors and I just found out how smart they could be thinking creatively.


Well, I ate a lot of egg recipes today, like egg sandwich, vegetable omelet, Chinese soup with egg, and brownies with a lot of eggs.  Yay!  It is egg day!


Yes, it is Friday.  It is Sacred Heart Day!


I gathered some chile for the vinegar.


As, always, I still drink a lot of lemonade for my cough and sore throat.  My cousin, opted for this natural healing of ordinary cough and colds, in this time of unpredictable climate changes. Dear God, heal us all!


I'd try to write on my blogs about the figurative language for you, soon...

Goodnight all.  Most Sacred Heart of J…