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The Water Problems of the Poor in the Philippines

July 29, 2010

THEY(Newly Elected Set of Gov’t Officials): Have To Solve Problems for the People

I have read commentaries from newspapers and online communities today. But I haven’t heard much from the news on TV.

How are the surveys going? I hope the media wouldn’t stop after the elections. We – and experts- and the people have to SAY something to awaken the Filipinos.

The SONA had its specifications of roles and visions, but then I read from the columnist Conrado de Quiros (Inquirer) that “… it was bitin…”

On the net; worst when translated into English – the translations were inexact.

Moreover, from Manila Times columnist Giovanni Tapang, that president and the government must solve necessities first, before we go to business matters.

Truly, the basic needs of the people and especially the poor must be met. At most, this month, we had water shortage around the country. They have to do something about this problem; it’s an urgent case.

If the working class couldn’t be provide…

How Do You Pray?

How Do People Pray?

Praying is communicating to an Almighty God. It is linking oneself inside the halos of holiness. It is opening the self and every heart beat in front of a Creator.

There are different ways of praying and many forms of rituals. Life must be filled by it to endure difficult times. Men are endowed with gifts from heaven, and one of them is the power of prayer. This will be a shield to fulfill one’s goal and find the meaning of his/her life.

People are God’s children. Though the different religions and races, there is a Divine Omnipotence, called God. God is one Father to His children. The children pray and live life on earth, to find joy yonder even after life.

History is composed of life and death. The memory of the dead becomes alive in the present time. Cultures are built by generations one after another in the hope of creating changes and progress. Many theories are formed of the sciences, and there’s the book we call the “Holy Bible” showing documents…

Why We Still Love Shakespeare

Why We Still Love Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s name sounds a god (in Greek Mythology). His name is strewn like Einstien’s name , or Galileo’ s name, or Thor’s name, or Milton’s. His name alone connotes power.

In a Literature class, student’s have various reactions when they study Shakespeare: either they’re insecure, bored or excited. Shakespeare has a monument among the dead white people.

Look into his plays like the “Midsummer Night’s Dream” that creates a blast of criticism (positive and negative) and the never-fading story of his “Romeo and Juliet.” These plots become a pattern of good literature for all time.

“Why do we still love Shakespeare?”

I have read that we still love him up to now because he transformed his life fully into being a man of letters. He lived his life well producing good materials for reading. He was able to communicate to us the time he lived, and how that time was, until the time now. We could vividly imagine life stories and learn from Shakespe…

Finding a Writing Mentor

Finding a Mentor for Writing

Writing mentors are difficult to find. Not everyone would like to teach writing. I will find it difficult.

Basic grammar is easier, the basic rules are in the books. Practice and learning from examples make you learn it easily.

Writing on the other hand comes to be a tedious process. You have to edit and analyze for meaning. Teaching how to make sentences, encouraging students about their love for words, knowing how to make outlines and developing paragraphs are essential in writing subjects.

More serious writing is critical. Grammar teachers do not all qualify to be real writers. You know, that writer “who writes with his blood.” I can’t exactly explain how this goes, but I think I can feel and would know who these writers are when I meet them, either face to face or in books, or in what they write.

I think I have a lot of writing mentors. I try to get a piece of the writing teachers and the authors I read ( Filipinos and non-Filipinos). …

On Creative Writing

Creative Writing

When I hear about creative writing, I feel as though lighting would struck and stones would turn into toads or diamonds, just like the fairy tale I read when I was young.

Creative writing is sort of happy-ending fairy tales and sad fiction stories that trigger blood out of flesh and broken bones.

Of course, the mechanics of writing can be taught, but creating something is another story. You cannot teach someone how to be an artist. But you can always help someone write better.

What is Creative Writing?

From an ordinary writer’s point of view - creative writing is the art of writing embodied in various genres of literature: poems, fiction, and nonfiction among others.

It deals with writing, and more than just writing, because it is creating something beautiful. It is more than just words, but using correct metaphors, nurturing a style; and maybe… the urge of a writing vocation that carries hard labor. Money? Never.

Many writers aspire to be creative writer…

How To Describe Using The 5 Senses

How To Describe Using the 5 Senses

Art deems pleasure in the senses. It is something indescribable, beautiful, and almost intoxicating. To describe, poets use sense impressions like creating images similar in fiction’s, “Show don’t tell.”

Take this sample 1:

Art is

your mouth in my mouth
the fragrance of sea breeze
the drumbeat and church bells
squeaking of rubbing saw

they’re small pounds of a hammer
gliding of twigs
tinkering dishes
creation of Ikebana

Art is

the curve of your jaw
those eyes when you gaze
your untouched lips
the sweetness
when you talk fiercely

The five senses include the sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing and touch.

An activity for students in an English class is to describe people, places and things through their five senses:

Take this sample2:

Sense of sight sun like rays of gold
Sense of taste like honey
Sense of smell brewing coffee
Sense of hearing sound of the forest
Sense of touch your pores,…

Why Do I Hurt The People I Love

Why Do I Hurt the People I Love?

You will notice how married couples live with each other, how siblings admonish each other, how a family grows together, how true friends stick with each other, how offices and workplaces thrive, and how communities attain its goals: They accept each other even in their ugliest.

This means acceptance, but never consenting. If someone gets wrong or mistaken – you don’t have to condemn, but help them improve in the process of metamorphoses.

From my experiences and those of others here are reasons why we hurt the people we love:

1. Reason in thought: I hurt you because I want you to change for the better.

“You have to stop drinking or I’ll leave you.”

Some guys are threatened with words like, “I will leave you.” So to get back, they act badly in advance. They have to know that, the wife can’t leave because marriage is sacred. It is because one has to change and be prudent in all ways.

2.Reason in thought: Observe order for you to live in a clean …

Bad Habits: 5 Common Bad Habits and How to Correct Them

Bad Habits: 5 Common Bad Habits and How to Correct Them

“Good habits must be practiced everyday” parents, teachers, leaders have to repeat that to their children/students/community.

It is not actually bugging people, but reminding them that we all have to check each other. It is true that sometimes it could be an over-reaction, or being too boring, or being too aggressive, but good manners come with discipline. Tell nicely, accept nicely without waiting for rewards and positive responses. The angels will help at this. You know “the power of good versus evil.” That is why people don’t stop remembering “karma,” because there really is justice. Moreover, redemption is real (whether you like it or not).

Let us start to move and change these 5 Common Bad Habits:

1. Avoid being late and procrastination - It has been a connotation that “American time” means “exactly.” Being late wastes the time of other people and the time they could have used to do other things. Consider peop…

Why Father Aveni Always Said "Thank You"

July 26, 2010

Why Father Aveni Always Said “Thank You”

“Thank you.” Father Aveni always said “Thank you,” to everyone; I didn’t know what for.

After the masses I could see him thanking other priests (younger than him). He was always radiating with tranquility and steadfastness. Despite the sickness that pained his body (he was sick of cancer), he tried to celebrate masses and struggled for a lucid voice to preach the words of God. He always knelt down after the masses when he was still strong. He prayed earnestly and I could not explain why I desired to look at him pray.

Father Aveni died serving God and praying for us at 92.

He lived a life of simplicity - tucking himself in the seminary to teach Latin and Italian subjects. Away from the lime light, he got contented to be a good listener and spectator clapping his hands and watching school programs.

I could see him wearing black boots or sandals. On his wrist was a silver watch (probably to be tight with his schedules), o…

How God Gives Us Strength

How God Gives Us Strength

We are all wondering how God gives us strength. Maybe we’re all just too busy to discover this super power within us – when all that we can do is nothing, but call to him for help.

1. Your eyes were asking Him, “God what would I do?” Tears come out slowly and you could not utter any word. Suddenly you feel strong after you’ve cried, then you know what to do next.

2. Scream “GOD, my GOD,” if sometimes - near open fields or seashore, or in the temple. Kneel and kiss the ground. Put all your weight into the ground. It will carry your burden and you will stand like a bull.

3. Just close your eyes. It doesn’t matter who would look. The Holy Spirit would come and you will feel comforted.

4. Pray unceasingly, as often as you could. Keep your thoughts on God’s love for you and others.

5. Ask and give thanks. The Lord will never abandon anyone. If the birds are precious to Him, what more of us/you who are His child. Remember that “All things work out t…

How Long Does Grief Stay?

How Long Does Grief Stay?

Everybody tries to avoid this word “grief.” As much as possible you don’t like to talk about it, you deny it. But it happens, and life is rough sometimes.

You say “It’s okay,” but it’s not okay. You try to hide what’s in your mind; that little black box.

How do you cope with grief?

No one can avoid grief. Each carries lives with him/her on the journey. You walk alone, but others are hanging on with you. You become their pride, their alliance, their spare tire. How can you be so low?

You prod them to advance in your hint of indifference and dash of arrogance. Your tears are never shown because you strive to struggle with something more than your grief. You make it hard for them to catch with you, but you are just there. How long can you stride without falling?

Have you watched how poor kids share leftovers?
Have you seen how a father gets murdered?
Have you felt how someone grieves over a beloved’s failure?
Have you been with someone in an i…

The Character “Bidam (Kim Nang Gil)” in Queen Seon Duk

The Character “Bidam (Kim Nang Gil)” in Queen Seon Duk

How could the character of “Bidam” in the drama series “Queen Seon Duk” be forgotten?  You Tube followers admire Kim Nang Gil in his commendable acting.
I saw this character last year in a role that I will cherish.  I fell in love with Bidam.  Maybe, because the actor who portrays the role is handsome and with awesome acting talent.
When his eyes moved they show what he’s in for:  what he wants without talking.  His eyes express the story he is acting upon.  The role suits him so the viewers want to connect.
“Bidam” breathes like us.  He becomes one of us.
And though the show is fiction (almost based in Korean legends), it brings Korea to where the viewers are.
In this regard, a short fiction story must put emphasis on character, remember “Frankenstein?”  Different fictional worlds make different demands to the reader and get various responses creating real characters with flesh and blood.
Movies with movie characters alive and never for…

Dreamin' What To Write....aside from the Pray and good night. Smile. Rose/ishallwrite, 2010


10 Tips New Article Wrtiers Need to Know

July 8, 2010
10 Things New Article Writers Need to Know

I have had my first time.  It was as if I couldn’t explain why I was very happy seeing my name in print.  I guess I was on top of all; it was success for me!
I didn’t know why Miss Manuela Perez Samson ( a respectable editor of a women’s magazine)  liked it.  I thank God a hundred times (literally) for this gift of words.
Here are 10 Tips for New Article Writers
Supply readers with fresh and original ideas.  This means you are the expert in what you are writing.
What’s your job?  You can write a lot about your work and share the basics of it.  Bear in mind the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.”  It’s good to know the basics of many things, but then you must at least be a “master/expert of one line.”
Allow yourself to be corrected by the editor, and be open for suggestions.
The editor knows well his/her publication.  He knows his market and readers.  You must trust your editor.
Submit articles/manuscripts  bef…

Mary: Mother of Jesus and Coredemptrix

Friday, July 9, 2010
MARY:  Mother of Jesus and Coredemptrix

Mary or “Maria” is the mother of Jesus Christ (The Holy Bible, Matthew 1:18-25).  She was the chosen one of God to be the wife of   Joseph.  But when she was still a Virgin she became pregnant by the Holy Spirit.  Her deep faith, trust and obedience in God are the strength for people of all ages.
As our parents have borne us, Mary raised and nursed Jesus.  She plays a pivotal role in the life of the churches as she is called/celebrated a Virgin, the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption into heaven. Her simple life is a model of virtues.
At Fatima in Portugal, she appeared to children, thus “Our Lady of Fatima.” 
The Rosary (as adopted by Eastern Christian monks in the 3rd century), especially the Catholic rosary that is a set of meditative prayers using beads, shows the episodes in Christ’s life.  It is composed of the four mysteries that include “the Joyful Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries, the Gloriou…

Here's Me Again


Goal Getting

Goal Setting

People look up to successful people as their models for success. Hence psychologists, counselors, managers, writers, and successful leaders write self-help guides for success. Books come up with various disciplines tested from research, authentic experiences in life and surveys. How can one attain his goals in life? How about that peeping curiosity about power?

The good (and some ill thoughts) of leaders and powerful men and women who conquered nations, and history are available on the shelves. Heroes, presidents, and taipans, among others, uncover secrets how they lived their moments in history.

Here are excerpts from success oriented books:

1. The Greatest Secret in the World

Author: Og Mandino

“Scroll 1 – Today I will begin a new life.

Scroll 3 - I will persist until I succeed.

Scroll 5 – I will live this day as if it is my last.

Scroll 9 – I will act now.”

2.Treasury of Courage and Confidence

Editor: Norman Vincent Peale

“I have lived, Sir, a long time, and t…

Geography: Don't Miss These Questions

Don’t miss these questions.

Are you lost? Do you have GPS in your car? Are you aware of the traffic rules and regulations? Do you carry a map?

Locations. They are important because people go to places. Without the knowledge of Geography, life would have nowhere to go. Travel interests everyone, adults and kids alike. That is why we have Social Studies and subjects about Geography.

These words will help:

1. Geography means surface features of a place. It is the study of the earth’s surface, continents, and people. (E.g. geography of the world, Lands and People)

2. A map is the flat world and places on earth, with coordinates; It shows earth directions North, South, East, West; The map is flat while the globe is round (but the earth round like a ball)

Study the map of the world; Mapping

3. Hurricane is violent storm with strong winds and rain.

A tornado is like a very small hurricane

Areas of extremely low pressure build up over warm oceans. Warm wet air spins into the…

What's Your Job?

January 13, 2010 WORDS

What’s Your Job?

In an English conversation class, everyone usually asks this question:

“What’s your job?”

This is not something to brag about but something the class can share especially that many students are working students, and some are professionals studying and practicing a second language.

Here’s the line of occupations ( picked at random):

1. doctor A doctor treats ailment. He/She must have a license to practice medicine; a learned man;

Dr. Jose Rizal is a national hero of the Filipinos. He treated the cataract of his mother.

2. priest One called to be a servant of GOD and of the people; celebrates the Eucharist; a holy apostle

St. Hannibal, pray for us.

Send O Lord, holy apostles into Your church

St. Hannibal Mary Di Francia is the patron saint of priests, vocations, and holy workers.

3. teacher A teacher is also called an educator. One who trains an individual to develop skills, talents, and personality; A teacher must be a good exa…

ESL Online: Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk

ESL Online: Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk

This is an original transcript of what happens in an online conversation class:

“Hello, can you hear me?”

“Hello, hello!”

“Hello, Koji!”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Koji san…”

“Hello Rose san!”

“Koji, can you hear me now?”

“Okay, I can hear you now.”

“Thank God, it’s working! We can start.”

A good computer is necessary featuring --- windows , linux…etc???? Yahoo Messenger (YM) and Google Talk. Some use Skype connections, etc.

Aside from your computer, meeting online will need the following gadgets/programs:

1. headphones (earphone/mike)
2. a web camera ( as required in some lessons)
3. a speaker, you can choose this option
4. a dictionary/ installed program in your computer
5. you should have You Tube in your PC
6. an internet connection/server

The headphones are the standard headphones suitable for any computer, whether it’s a laptop, notebook, or desktop.

The web camera (webcam) is required in some lessons. It’s just like an ordinary …

Emily Dickinson: A Private Poet

The Poetry of Emily Dickinson

When you can browse an abstract picture and you can talk and see life in deep metaphors, you will feel the value of art in being.

Poetry is something beautiful out of anything and in ugliness. It transforms matter into movement and life. It creates an array of light, culture, stories, buildings, clouds, and cute monsters. It tastes heaven, death, grapes, blood, and glass. It sees triumph, moans grief, shouts wisdom, and all the mind could do.

“If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold no fire can ever warm me I know that is poetry. If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry. These are the only way I know it…,” this is how Emily Dickinson finds poetry.

Dickinson is a noted poet. Her sentences are short that express a nervous discharge of energy. A poet of Victorian period, she has a certain kind of poetic insight that brings a startling contemporary tone to her works. Most of Ms. Dickinson’s…

FYI: July 4, Philippine- American Friendship Day

FYI: Fourth of July in the Philippines, is usually commemorated as Philippine- American Friendship Day. God bless America!

Happy Birthday St. Hannibal

July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday My Father Hannibal (Mary Di Francia)

I love you, Saint Hannibal

I know how you pray very hard for me everyday

Because I am yours, and you are my guardian

You know my heart,

And GOD knows my thoughts from the very start

I accept my transgressions and imperfections

And I don't swear of anything, but to the Divine

You have built in me power in faith

Refuge, what a Father can give a daughter

Please suffice me of God's grace

So I won't need of anything

Thank you for teaching me Jesus' ways

And in my failures, thank you for giving me hope

You will always give me rain

For rain, makes heaven cry with me

Till my death, give me loyalty to those I love

Let me love.

Rose Flores - Martinez,7.5.2010