Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Water Problems of the Poor in the Philippines

July 29, 2010

THEY(Newly Elected Set of Gov’t Officials): Have To Solve Problems for the People

I have read commentaries from newspapers and online communities today. But I haven’t heard much from the news on TV.

How are the surveys going? I hope the media wouldn’t stop after the elections. We – and experts- and the people have to SAY something to awaken the Filipinos.

The SONA had its specifications of roles and visions, but then I read from the columnist Conrado de Quiros (Inquirer) that “… it was bitin…”

On the net; worst when translated into English – the translations were inexact.

Moreover, from Manila Times columnist Giovanni Tapang, that president and the government must solve necessities first, before we go to business matters.

Truly, the basic needs of the people and especially the poor must be met. At most, this month, we had water shortage around the country. They have to do something about this problem; it’s an urgent case.

If the working class couldn’t be provided with their primary needs, the next ladder of human needs will not be met. The poor will become poorer and the rich will become richer. Take the high interest rates that poor people can’t pay. It’s parallel to “buying more expensive water” than paying the regular water bill/budget. These are small problems but root out to branch bigger problems in the country now and in the next years.

I also read about the Nuclear Power Plant. It’s evident that we don’t need it at the moment, if we could not provide water to so many Filipinos, why would you spend millions on the Nuclear Plant which has no workable feasibility study at this time. Hey guys, don’t gobble up the marshmallows ---- we need EXPERTS. And we don’t have them yet.

Do you know the history of Bataan Nuclear Power Plant? The pioneer expert engineers and specialists are dead now. They worked with experts (foreign and native), and they themselves lived there to sustain its development. If so, you will be needing expert workers, scientists, and engineers here. Not politicians, not businessmen.

STOP with “building up sweet PRESS Releases.” The Philippines needs solutions to problems not those “cutie things.” Let’s face it, the Filipinos are poor and many of us need jobs. We need jobs and education --- but first, give us WATER!

Press release and advertising be careful with your packages! I’ll quote from Daily Tribune Newspaper: “No Fear, No Favor.”

Another thing: I’m not into politics, but let us pray for the politicians. They have to STUDY and learn experiences neatly and honestly. I worry because many of them came from show business and I don’t know if they can even brainstorm in the Senate or Congress. The size of their minds are questionable! Education can only be equaled by learned experiences. And if they don’t have this… we are likely to be doomed! We all, will become part of their PRACTICE Set. The rich, they will laugh when the government fails… because the government would compromise. Please settle honestly, not compromise. I hope they’re not complacent with some workshops and study abroad – here and there. Your brains should work, YOU, and you have to serve honestly not just for a few, but for all the Filipinos – for our nation, for everyone.

Philippines, let us work hard, help and remind each other. The Filipino people has to check and correct the government servants so we could work hand in hand.

And please: Don’t mess up with the lands we inherited from our ancestors, where you build airports, malls, and produce too much pollution --- we need to breathe fresh air.

Know that I am talking about real life here; you will not understand life if you hadn’t put any effort to be one with the poor and become one of them.

Rose Flores – Martinez
July 29, 2010
Submit date: July 30, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Do You Pray?

How Do People Pray?

Praying is communicating to an Almighty God. It is linking oneself inside the halos of holiness. It is opening the self and every heart beat in front of a Creator.

There are different ways of praying and many forms of rituals. Life must be filled by it to endure difficult times. Men are endowed with gifts from heaven, and one of them is the power of prayer. This will be a shield to fulfill one’s goal and find the meaning of his/her life.

People are God’s children. Though the different religions and races, there is a Divine Omnipotence, called God. God is one Father to His children. The children pray and live life on earth, to find joy yonder even after life.

History is composed of life and death. The memory of the dead becomes alive in the present time. Cultures are built by generations one after another in the hope of creating changes and progress. Many theories are formed of the sciences, and there’s the book we call the “Holy Bible” showing documents - how we all come to be one body in Christ. Truly, eyes see us and the big hands of God hold the world.

How do people pray?

When we can’t utter words, but find peace in our hearts – we are praying.

When tears fall, and nothing could describe it – we are praying.

When we call “My Father, my Lord, my God” – we are praying.

God is with us, any place we go, 24 hours a day. Sleeping and waking let our hearts be filled with him – that is praying.

When we do our work and serve others – we pray.

Try this prayer from the Bible:

Anima Christi (Soul of Christ)

Soul of Christ, sanctify me
Body of Christ, save me
Blood of Christ, inebriate me
Water from the side of Christ, wash me
Passion of Christ, strengthen me
O good Jesus hear me
Within Your wound, hide me
Never permit me to be separated from you
From the evil one, protect me
At the hour of death, call me
And bid me to come to you
That with your Saints
I may praise you forever.

Send O Lord, Holy Apostles
Into Your church.

It is good to wake up with a prayer and sleep with a prayer. Also, give thanks before and after meals. There is also the midday prayer and the angelus. Some religious and faithful pray/chant eight times a day, the others maybe three times or as their hearts desire; even every hour with work (?). The monks pray as early as 3am at dawn.

Don’t worry, God will not count and it’s not how many, BUT how you pray. Are you sincere? Do you love God so much and want others to be happy and be of God?

Let us always pray together. Let us not forget each other in prayer.

Rose Flores Martinez
RosePrayers blogs

Why We Still Love Shakespeare

Why We Still Love Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s name sounds a god (in Greek Mythology). His name is strewn like Einstien’s name , or Galileo’ s name, or Thor’s name, or Milton’s. His name alone connotes power.

In a Literature class, student’s have various reactions when they study Shakespeare: either they’re insecure, bored or excited. Shakespeare has a monument among the dead white people.

Look into his plays like the “Midsummer Night’s Dream” that creates a blast of criticism (positive and negative) and the never-fading story of his “Romeo and Juliet.” These plots become a pattern of good literature for all time.

“Why do we still love Shakespeare?”

I have read that we still love him up to now because he transformed his life fully into being a man of letters. He lived his life well producing good materials for reading. He was able to communicate to us the time he lived, and how that time was, until the time now. We could vividly imagine life stories and learn from Shakespeare’s descriptions in all that he wrote whether it be poems or plays, among others.

“What is Shakespeare’s mind like?”

What was he thinking about when he wrote his plays like Hamlet? His women are adorable tough women in fiction. And his men in fiction come to be real flesh and blood. Shakespeare is never ashamed to write about life as he sees it, as some writers restrict themselves. He lets people see how everyone is set with problems and how he/she faces weakness.

Many good writers say that Shakespeare’s works are unimpeded. Unlike some other writers in the academia, who cling to writing rules, and some others who cling to be known from their set of friends and awards (the subjectivity in writing), and still some others who write about “The Me” thing; Shakespeare wrote as his writing goal demanded of him.

Well, Shakespeare’s readings come interesting to me like the plays he wrote of which, I haven’t studied thoroughly. But, knowing at least, some important facts about this noted writing master make me thankful for all writers learn from him.

Virginia Woolf in “A Room of One’s Own: Shakespeare’s Sister” writes “All desire to protest, to proclaim, to pay off a score, to make the world witness some hardship or grievance… was paid out of him and consumed. Therefore, his poetry flows from him free and unimpeded.”

I vote for Shakespeare, too. Thank you, Shakespeare.

Rose flores martinez

Finding a Writing Mentor

Finding a Mentor for Writing

Writing mentors are difficult to find. Not everyone would like to teach writing. I will find it difficult.

Basic grammar is easier, the basic rules are in the books. Practice and learning from examples make you learn it easily.

Writing on the other hand comes to be a tedious process. You have to edit and analyze for meaning. Teaching how to make sentences, encouraging students about their love for words, knowing how to make outlines and developing paragraphs are essential in writing subjects.

More serious writing is critical. Grammar teachers do not all qualify to be real writers. You know, that writer “who writes with his blood.” I can’t exactly explain how this goes, but I think I can feel and would know who these writers are when I meet them, either face to face or in books, or in what they write.

I think I have a lot of writing mentors. I try to get a piece of the writing teachers and the authors I read ( Filipinos and non-Filipinos). They have helped a lot and in every discussion they spend with me, I value every sentence they give me.

One cannot teach what one doesn’t have. A writing mentor must be persevering all the time and is happy to share with the students. He is never selfish, but not teaching everything, because the writing student has to learn and keep pace with what he/she wants of the writing life.

I know I owe so much to my writing teachers. Be they my MFA teachers, my workshop teachers, the panelists, the editors, the publishers, other writers who help me, my co-teachers, my friends who check my writing and to all those who read me. Without these people I will not be where I am now. They know who they are. They may not know, too. And if you happen to read this one… perhaps, you are one of them.

Online, I have my writing mentors(Sir Albert Casuga's/Sir Isagani Cruz' blogs), too. While it’s impossible to go to school due to many reasons – life will teach and never stop. Online education is very helpful in this age of high technology. Thank you to the publishers online and to the writing teachers online who help us write.

Read the works of writers: classic, contemporary, and those of the tradition you choose.

Read Rilke’s “Letters to a Young Poet.”

Each writer has his/her own writing style, imbibed from all his writing teachers, and the writer of his choice.

To my writing teachers and friends, I thank you.

Rose Flores – Martinez

On Creative Writing

Creative Writing

When I hear about creative writing, I feel as though lighting would struck and stones would turn into toads or diamonds, just like the fairy tale I read when I was young.

Creative writing is sort of happy-ending fairy tales and sad fiction stories that trigger blood out of flesh and broken bones.

Of course, the mechanics of writing can be taught, but creating something is another story. You cannot teach someone how to be an artist. But you can always help someone write better.

What is Creative Writing?

From an ordinary writer’s point of view - creative writing is the art of writing embodied in various genres of literature: poems, fiction, and nonfiction among others.

It deals with writing, and more than just writing, because it is creating something beautiful. It is more than just words, but using correct metaphors, nurturing a style; and maybe… the urge of a writing vocation that carries hard labor. Money? Never.

Many writers aspire to be creative writers, and we don’t know if we are one. Time would judge. And maybe, some mark in the core of the writer’s being and an endowment.

“An odd feeling,” other writers say. You cannot boast “Hey, I’m a creative writer!” Other writers will surely laugh at you because the term itself connotes pride. If others will say “He/She is a creative writer,” then be thankful. But try not to say, “I am a creative writer.” However, you may say “I’m into creative writing.” This can be an attempt and can give some confidence.

Try to ask a poet how he/she writes.

Ask a fiction story writer how he creates his characters.

Ask a dramatist.

Ask a feature writer (creative nonfiction with a sense of style, etc.).

Or read the scribble of someone who did not study writing, but can express words in paper; beautifully; after a series of attempts.

Paul Horgan says in his book Approaches to Writing, “Some masterpieces are born of observations; others of intuition. The first will ordinarily tell about the author; the second, about everyone else.”

Creative Writing is a task of life, more than just writing. It must embody learning logs and give the readers value for their reading time, at least some kind of pleasure, meekness or motivation.

Paul Horgan adds “We begin to “create” when we see everyone else in ourselves.”

“In writing, there are two levels of professionalism: one the lower – is based on ambition driven by competitiveness; the other is based solely on fulfilling a vision in word and overall design, without regard to what anyone else is writing or publishing.”

Rose Flores – Martinez

How To Describe Using The 5 Senses

How To Describe Using the 5 Senses

Art deems pleasure in the senses. It is something indescribable, beautiful, and almost intoxicating. To describe, poets use sense impressions like creating images similar in fiction’s, “Show don’t tell.”

Take this sample 1:

Art is

your mouth in my mouth
the fragrance of sea breeze
the drumbeat and church bells
squeaking of rubbing saw

they’re small pounds of a hammer
gliding of twigs
tinkering dishes
creation of Ikebana

Art is

the curve of your jaw
those eyes when you gaze
your untouched lips
the sweetness
when you talk fiercely

The five senses include the sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing and touch.

An activity for students in an English class is to describe people, places and things through their five senses:

Take this sample2:

Sense of sight sun like rays of gold
Sense of taste like honey
Sense of smell brewing coffee
Sense of hearing sound of the forest
Sense of touch your pores, when they open

Description is describing the concrete attributes. One can describe using the figurative language and/or sense impressions.

1.Simile is comparing objects using “as or like.”

Example: Clouds are like cotton balls.

2.A metaphor is direct comparison.

Example: Clouds are cotton balls.

In some books, other than the simile; others are classification of different metaphors.

“Metaphor” is from the Greek word transfer.

3. synesthesia is a blended feeling.

“To the bugle, every color is red.” Emily Dickinson

4.personification is speech endowing human qualities to things.

Heaven cries with me.

5. synecdoche a form of substitution in whole or part

She is a heron.

6. allusion reminds of something or with reference to something

Check out the poems of Plath… (death poems)

Using the five senses will make your speech colorful and interesting. It can give depth or humor, and there’s pleasure in your expression. The exactness and profundity of choosing the right descriptions is gift.

The poet sees a lot of the world, and includes beauty and ugliness in the magic of words creating pleasure and meaning.

Let try this:

in the coming of dawn
you shepherded
to remind how love should be

/rose, ishallwrite

1. How do you explain “gold” here?
2. Who was the shepherd?
3. What figure of speech was used?

The senses work in divine ways. It draws special images and symbols, it builds concrete assemblage of life. And though Carl Jung says “The individual is the only reality,” the poet works hard at these. He/She will describe, specifically, writing in words symbols and images where you can hold and experience something. The poet will bleed for you and you will interpret how you felt it (other than deconstructing the poem, etc) – sharp as bliss. You will come peacefully.

Rose Flores – Martinez

Why Do I Hurt The People I Love

Why Do I Hurt the People I Love?

You will notice how married couples live with each other, how siblings admonish each other, how a family grows together, how true friends stick with each other, how offices and workplaces thrive, and how communities attain its goals: They accept each other even in their ugliest.

This means acceptance, but never consenting. If someone gets wrong or mistaken – you don’t have to condemn, but help them improve in the process of metamorphoses.

From my experiences and those of others here are reasons why we hurt the people we love:

1. Reason in thought: I hurt you because I want you to change for the better.

“You have to stop drinking or I’ll leave you.”

Some guys are threatened with words like, “I will leave you.” So to get back, they act badly in advance. They have to know that, the wife can’t leave because marriage is sacred. It is because one has to change and be prudent in all ways.

2.Reason in thought: Observe order for you to live in a clean place, at least your dignity is being clean inside and out.

“Don’t be messy in the house. You are like prostitutes.”

Big boys and big girls don’t want to be told. They think they know everything. Order and cleanliness is being free from sickness. The body should be cherished until death. It is God’s gift to us humans. At least, your own small home is your castle. The fruit of a dignified work is a clean home (you don’t have to be rich).

3.Reason in thought: You have to be thankful of life, you have to live happily everyday; be strong!

“Don’t fret over spilled milk and broken dreams. Are you a loser? You have to prove something!”

Often, we become disappointed and become overly sensitive. Understand that those who really care for you and love you want you to succeed. Even if they scold you, they just want you to realize how to do it better. Some people will create challenges for you, but this will bring out the best in you.

4.Reason in thought: Know that you can live independently. If you love your family and friends, you will not burden them and/or give them shame. You must understand we have to help each other, but in the end, it is you and God (whether you like it or not).

“You have to try to do things on your own. Make things happen and act now. We will not always be there.”

When everyone gets busy you have to make things on your own. You have to do your share of helping others; but how can you do this if you cannot even help yourself? Remember that prayer is your weapon everyday, GOD is with you, don’t be afraid.

Carrying each other must be heavy. Enduring the hurts, are just reminders. If we could only think that being admonished is learning something, in the end, we will be proud because we all made it.

Your success is my happiness.

I hurt you because I love you.

Rose Flores –Martinez

Bad Habits: 5 Common Bad Habits and How to Correct Them

Bad Habits: 5 Common Bad Habits and How to Correct Them

“Good habits must be practiced everyday” parents, teachers, leaders have to repeat that to their children/students/community.

It is not actually bugging people, but reminding them that we all have to check each other. It is true that sometimes it could be an over-reaction, or being too boring, or being too aggressive, but good manners come with discipline. Tell nicely, accept nicely without waiting for rewards and positive responses. The angels will help at this. You know “the power of good versus evil.” That is why people don’t stop remembering “karma,” because there really is justice. Moreover, redemption is real (whether you like it or not).

Let us start to move and change these 5 Common Bad Habits:

1. Avoid being late and procrastination - It has been a connotation that “American time” means “exactly.” Being late wastes the time of other people and the time they could have used to do other things. Consider people who come on time. They went out their way and blocked other schedules just to be on time to meet with you.

Procrastination is doing things quickly anticipating for good results. It is going out of “red tape” which curtails progress and terminates other duties other people can work on.

Red tape is a very bad habit.

How to correct: Be considerate of other people. They are working, too. Remember: “Time is money, time is a basic resource.” Please don’t waste time, and let others suffer time for you. It’s something you can do to help others. Work with people nicely.

2.Don’t litter, maintain clean surroundings - Clean surroundings are conducive to progress. Clean surrounding gives a comfortable life to everyone. Cleanliness maintains a healthy living (despite pollution that can’t be avoided) freeing people to appreciate the simplicity of life, and saving them to bigger medical expenses. “Children become inspired seeing the sky as their roof, the ocean their property, and what a beautiful place on earth we could have been.”

How to correct: Don’t litter. Be a good example.

3.Don’t think bad of others. There are options. Of course, you don’t trust yourself too easily on anyone because there are bad guys. But evil forces are conquered by good forces, there are more good guys/people than bad people. Collaborate with good people. Choose your friends and share to them how to be good. If you trust people to be good, pray they meet their goals.

Chances are: More poor people are good people because they can’t steal, they can’t do corruption, they can endure, they haven’t kept things for themselves, they only depend on GOD as their refuge. They don’t even have money to sustain them. Problems come if they have bad leaders/friends/relatives, then some can falter.

How to correct: Think good of people, anyway. Don’t put tags: rich or poor, young or old, just work together.

4.Don’t be selfish. Selfishness leads to destruction. We share, for everyone to benefit. There are limits, know the limits Each one has to work hard and be happy of each other’s accomplishments. Thank God and others, for the small things you get.

How to correct: Try to share what you hold most. As an offering of your love, do good works or little acts of kindness. Your time and talents are offerings, aside from money. Your work is an offering. We are all parts of one body.

5.Don’t be lazy. If you are lazy, you would like to get something that is not yours to survive. You will be envious of others and you would be dishonest to keep your pride.

How to correct: Find work to do. You don’t always need to be paid for work done. Work will love you, if you respect it and share its fruits. Work will give you dignity, even how little you earn. That is your offering to God, and for that you will be happy and contented.

Rose Flores Martinez

Why Father Aveni Always Said "Thank You"

July 26, 2010

Why Father Aveni Always Said “Thank You”

“Thank you.” Father Aveni always said “Thank you,” to everyone; I didn’t know what for.

After the masses I could see him thanking other priests (younger than him). He was always radiating with tranquility and steadfastness. Despite the sickness that pained his body (he was sick of cancer), he tried to celebrate masses and struggled for a lucid voice to preach the words of God. He always knelt down after the masses when he was still strong. He prayed earnestly and I could not explain why I desired to look at him pray.

Father Aveni died serving God and praying for us at 92.

He lived a life of simplicity - tucking himself in the seminary to teach Latin and Italian subjects. Away from the lime light, he got contented to be a good listener and spectator clapping his hands and watching school programs.

I could see him wearing black boots or sandals. On his wrist was a silver watch (probably to be tight with his schedules), on one hand a book, and on another a rosary. He was prudent and in him came gentle peace and a crown of dignity as a holy priest for more than 65 years.


During the wake of my mother, a few months ago, my brother Jonathan and his wife (living in America) gave me a book titled “Living Life as a Thank You,” by Nina Lesowitz and Mary Beth Sammons (Published in the United States by Viva Editions). I thought it was just a cutie little book and a book so easy to read; but then, I found out it gave the reader subtle reminders of what life was about: small and big miracles from Father God. Even the world’s famous people like Einstein and John F. Kennedy never forget to give thanks.

We can hear many people say “Thank you” for what others have done for them ( though still others forgot to utter it). Then people would look at the person who said thank you, and wonder “Why?”


“Yes!” to the will of God and leaving the comfort of his country, Father Aveni learned the Filipino language, lived in the Philippines (since the 70’s) to mentor other priests, brothers, seminarians, and some aspirants.

The last time I saw him and held his hand was after the mass celebrated weeks ago before he died; he was in his wheelchair with a nurse. Those weeks were some weeks after my mother’s death. In my heart I was insistent to kiss Father Aveni’s hand. And so, I had this chance to kiss. There I felt peace. I knew he understood me when I looked at him and all those things I wanted to ask him; or so to hug him, if like any Pope or on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI or a father.

Truly, the “Rogate” in Father Aveni’s body depicts a praying man’s silhouette. His head is bowed, his neck stooped, his body curved nearly kneeling in humility, and his hands often clasped together for God. His voice firm with no fear of wrong speech or mispronunciation. His goal is only to pray and share the gospel.

I thank God and Saint Hannibal for the privilege of knowing him. For being a witness how he has lived a life of joy in God’s will in the words he always uttered, “Thank you.”

I know I will miss him everyday after the masses.

And who would say “Thank you to everyone,” that would always be remembered.

Please bring my prayers for the living

And the dead to Jesus and Mama Mary.

Kisses Father Aveni, bye for now.

Father Joseph Aveni is a Rogationist priest.

Rosalinda Flores - Martinez
7:10pm Philippines
Submit Date: Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How God Gives Us Strength

How God Gives Us Strength

We are all wondering how God gives us strength. Maybe we’re all just too busy to discover this super power within us – when all that we can do is nothing, but call to him for help.

1. Your eyes were asking Him, “God what would I do?” Tears come out slowly and you could not utter any word. Suddenly you feel strong after you’ve cried, then you know what to do next.

2. Scream “GOD, my GOD,” if sometimes - near open fields or seashore, or in the temple. Kneel and kiss the ground. Put all your weight into the ground. It will carry your burden and you will stand like a bull.

3. Just close your eyes. It doesn’t matter who would look. The Holy Spirit would come and you will feel comforted.

4. Pray unceasingly, as often as you could. Keep your thoughts on God’s love for you and others.

5. Ask and give thanks. The Lord will never abandon anyone. If the birds are precious to Him, what more of us/you who are His child. Remember that “All things work out together for good for those who love God and obey His laws. (from the Bible)”

6. Empty yourself. Know you are special in God’s eyes, and no material stuff or desire in this world would pull you away from Him. God is your ONLY strength, if you have nothing to depend on, not even your wealth, the hollow ground will be full. You will be strong in Jesus!

7. Never curse anyone, but pray for your enemies. A clean heart, God will never abandon. He will rule that heart with power no one could ever explain. The power of love is very strong and without malice.

8. Ask for forgiveness, and weep for mercy. Do acts of kindness, and offer compassion, sacrifices, obedience to the will of God and do service. God will always hug you and protect you from harm. You will need nothing but His arms to cover your body and carry it to heaven when you die.

9. Believe and have big faith in Jesus Christ. God will never abandon those who call to him for help. This faith will make you an example of how God works in your life and how God takes care of you and your dreams.

10. Don’t worry too much. Know that God the Almighty Father is the only one to fear… and if you love your friends and family, he will take care of them for you.

God will make you strong, because He loves you so much, and He will never fail.

Rosalinda Flores

Monday, July 12, 2010

How Long Does Grief Stay?

How Long Does Grief Stay?

Everybody tries to avoid this word “grief.” As much as possible you don’t like to talk about it, you deny it. But it happens, and life is rough sometimes.

You say “It’s okay,” but it’s not okay. You try to hide what’s in your mind; that little black box.

How do you cope with grief?

No one can avoid grief. Each carries lives with him/her on the journey. You walk alone, but others are hanging on with you. You become their pride, their alliance, their spare tire. How can you be so low?

You prod them to advance in your hint of indifference and dash of arrogance. Your tears are never shown because you strive to struggle with something more than your grief. You make it hard for them to catch with you, but you are just there. How long can you stride without falling?

Have you watched how poor kids share leftovers?
Have you seen how a father gets murdered?
Have you felt how someone grieves over a beloved’s failure?
Have you been with someone in an incurable sickness, or are you?
Have you skipped meals and worked hard just to be mistreated?
Have you paid for others, but never was repaid?
How many deaths have you witnessed? How many deaths have you missed?
Have you been to a war?

Your grief has been too heavy. I don’t know how much grief buries you down.

Please let me weep with you. Please let me weep with you.

And like the others, I adore you for keeping up with life and still trying to be someone so respectable. I could imagine how you cry in your thoughts; how like blade, it cuts your heart, your throat, the top of your skull - slowly. Like wars in history, there were no exits and there were no choices. If you were there, you had to face those rattling guns.

Plead, please plead.

Times like these remember “Our Lady of Sorrows,” you can look up to her. Mary carried part of the grief Jesus Christ has been carrying to save us/mankind, during the crucifixion. Mary had no one with her. She was helpless, yet in those moments, God’s strength kept her unmovable and brave.

How long does grief stay?

People are not things.

How long does grief stay?

If you lost something, you can always build it again.

How long does grief stay?

If you lost someone, and someone, and someone again in any way – they are part of you.

For as long as you live, grief changes into remembering happy days with each other.

Grief stays, it becomes faithfulness.

Grief stays, it changes unto faith.

Those drops of blood, while Jesus prayed in the garden is grief.

Grief is never having to say “I grieve,”

but “I love.”

This is how long grief stays.

Rose Flores – Martinez
July 11, 2010

The Character “Bidam (Kim Nang Gil)” in Queen Seon Duk

The Character “Bidam (Kim Nang Gil)” in Queen Seon Duk

How could the character of “Bidam” in the drama series “Queen Seon Duk” be forgotten?  You Tube followers admire Kim Nang Gil in his commendable acting.

I saw this character last year in a role that I will cherish.  I fell in love with Bidam.  Maybe, because the actor who portrays the role is handsome and with awesome acting talent.

When his eyes moved they show what he’s in for:  what he wants without talking.  His eyes express the story he is acting upon.  The role suits him so the viewers want to connect.

“Bidam” breathes like us.  He becomes one of us.

And though the show is fiction (almost based in Korean legends), it brings Korea to where the viewers are.

In this regard, a short fiction story must put emphasis on character, remember “Frankenstein?”  Different fictional worlds make different demands to the reader and get various responses creating real characters with flesh and blood.

Movies with movie characters alive and never forgotten are the following, among others:

Batman ( portrayed by Val Kilmer)
The Gladiator (Russel Crowe)
The Last Samurai (Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe)
Dog Day Afternoon and Devil’s Advocate ( Al Pacino)
James Bond    (Sean Connery)
The X- Men   (all characters)
Pirates of the Carribean (Johnny Depp)
Dead Poet’s Society (Robin Williams)
Eclipse (Robert Pattinson)
Titanic (Leonardo de Caprio)

Usually they’re the superheroes that are remembered.  Perhaps it is about love, loyalty, and good works to people.  

“Bidam” falls in love with the Queen Seon Duk in the drama.  He is the man who will not fear anyone, and will give up his mother because of his loyalty to a friend.  He understands what his love asks of him.  In the end, all of him as  a sacrifice for a beloved.  “Bidam” stands as a man till death, only devoted to love.  He fights because of love.  He will see the Queen fighting for love.  Nothing stops him, unto the valley of death, if for love.

Here, I can remember the poem “Charge of the Light Brigade” with cannons left and right.  With “Bidam” they are arrows and swords.  Emotional intensities brought to the audience  succeed in this characterization.

Truly, it is fiction, far unto real life, but like life.  There is not a man to do that, if only for love, but Jesus Christ when He saved mankind. 


Rose Flores – Martinez

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dreamin' What To Write....aside from the Pray and good night. Smile. Rose/ishallwrite, 2010

10 Tips New Article Wrtiers Need to Know

July 8, 2010

10 Things New Article Writers Need to Know

I have had my first time.  It was as if I couldn’t explain why I was very happy seeing my name in print.  I guess I was on top of all; it was success for me!

I didn’t know why Miss Manuela Perez Samson ( a respectable editor of a women’s magazine)  liked it.  I thank God a hundred times (literally) for this gift of words.

Here are 10 Tips for New Article Writers

  1. Supply readers with fresh and original ideas.  This means you are the expert in what you are writing.

What’s your job?  You can write a lot about your work and share the basics of it.  Bear in mind the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.”  It’s good to know the basics of many things, but then you must at least be a “master/expert of one line.”

  1. Allow yourself to be corrected by the editor, and be open for suggestions.

The editor knows well his/her publication.  He knows his market and readers.  You must trust your editor.

  1. Submit articles/manuscripts  before due dates and/ or deadlines.

The editor and publishing company will never depend on a writer who cannot submit on due dates.  The writer’s promise shouldn’t be broken. Smile.

  1. Make your article interesting and rich in substance.

Don’t sound like a textbook.  You have to vary tones.  Don’t sound like you’re preaching  the gospel.  Of course your article should abound in significant data, and make it as interesting as readers read fiction.  Give the readers what they thirst for.

  1. Be open to revision of  the article.

First draft,  second draft, be ready to revise.

  1. If your articles aren’t published, they’re good as nothing.  Write to be read.

Writing Professor John Trimble says “ Write with the assumption that your reader is a companionable friend with a warm sense of humor  and an appreciation of straight forwardness.  Write as if you were actually talking to a friend.”

  1. Accept the responsibilities of  your writing endeavor.

You have to be responsible of what you write.  A writer lives years of writing experiences and/or education  to grow. 

  1. Always remember this:  “You are good as your last article.”

Keep your feet on the ground.  Though you have your writing community/network the writer is as good as his/her last article.  You don’t need to brag about yourself, you are what you write!

  1. Don’t stop reading.  Don’t stop writing.

Reading maintains the writing vocation.  A real writer does not stop writing… till death.  This can be one of my mantras “I shall write, for better or for worse… till death do us part.”

  1. Pray for ideas to share.

God will always show the way, in any field.  You should pray for ideas to share.  Divine intervention is needed in all endeavors, in your article writing success!

May God enrich your gift of words! 

Rose Flores - Martinez

Mary: Mother of Jesus and Coredemptrix

Friday, July 9, 2010

MARY:  Mother of Jesus and Coredemptrix

Mary or “Maria” is the mother of Jesus Christ (The Holy Bible, Matthew 1:18-25).  She was the chosen one of God to be the wife of   Joseph.  But when she was still a Virgin she became pregnant by the Holy Spirit.  Her deep faith, trust and obedience in God are the strength for people of all ages.

As our parents have borne us, Mary raised and nursed Jesus.  She plays a pivotal role in the life of the churches as she is called/celebrated a Virgin, the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption into heaven. Her simple life is a model of virtues.

At Fatima in Portugal, she appeared to children, thus “Our Lady of Fatima.” 

The Rosary (as adopted by Eastern Christian monks in the 3rd century), especially the Catholic rosary that is a set of meditative prayers using beads, shows the episodes in Christ’s life.  It is composed of the four mysteries that include “the Joyful Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries, the Glorious Mysteries, and the Luminous Mysteries.”   The “Hail Mary” is prayed in every set of small ten beads.

In the Gospels, Mary was with Jesus at the beginning and end of his life.  The end was Mary in Jerusalem during the crucifixion; hence, Mary playing an active role in the redemption of mankind along with her Son.

Below is the “Canticle of Mary,”  a pean of her obedience and great love of the Lord.  The canticle is suitable to memorize like the Psalms as a form of rejoicing.

Luke 1:46-55

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord
My spirit rejoices in God,  my Savior
For he has looked with favor on His lowly servant

From this day all generations will call me blessed
The Almighty has done great things for me,
And holy is His Name

He has mercy on those who fear Him
In every generation
He has shown the strength of His arm
He has scattered the proud in their conceit

He has cast down the mighty from their thrones
And has lifted up the lowly
He has filled the hungry with good things,
And the rich He has sent away empty

He has come to the help of His servant Israel
For he has remembered his promise of mercy,
The promise He made to our fathers,
To Abraham and to his children forever

Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit
As it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen.

Mother Mary, pray for us.

Rose Flores – Martinez
Copyright RoseVoc2, 2010
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Here's Me Again

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goal Getting

Goal Setting

People look up to successful people as their models for success. Hence psychologists, counselors, managers, writers, and successful leaders write self-help guides for success. Books come up with various disciplines tested from research, authentic experiences in life and surveys. How can one attain his goals in life? How about that peeping curiosity about power?

The good (and some ill thoughts) of leaders and powerful men and women who conquered nations, and history are available on the shelves. Heroes, presidents, and taipans, among others, uncover secrets how they lived their moments in history.

Here are excerpts from success oriented books:

1. The Greatest Secret in the World

Author: Og Mandino

“Scroll 1 – Today I will begin a new life.

Scroll 3 - I will persist until I succeed.

Scroll 5 – I will live this day as if it is my last.

Scroll 9 – I will act now.”

2.Treasury of Courage and Confidence

Editor: Norman Vincent Peale

“I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live the more convincing proof I see of this truth – that God governs the affairs of men.” Benjamin Franklin

“ He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, and he who has one enemy shall meet him everywhere.” Ali Ben Abu Talib

3.The Secret of Success

Author: James Allen

“You must daily practice the habit of putting your mind at rest, going into the silence, as it is commonly called. This is a method of replacing a troubled thought with one of peace, a thought of weakness with one of strength.”

4.The Official Guide to Success

Author: Tom Hopkins

“Keep your boat afloat. Talk to positive people more. Talk to negative people less. Keep pumping…”

Watch Your Score

You have to appraise yourself, but never put yourself down. Be generous with praise to others, especially when they did something helpful. Remember to say “Thank you” as an act of humility. If so, others will do the same and everyone will create a happy environment of pulling up each other.

Don’t swither too long. Accept as fate throws “This too shall pass.” List your “Things To Do” everyday, as in having schedules. Check what you have accomplished, then thank God for the grace of getting things done.

You will never score zero.

Even if you come to be sick - you will still visit a doctor, take your medicines, and pray in your bed. Even if you’re just in the house – you will still clean, cook, and say “Good morning” to those you meet or your cat. Even if you’re working too hard everyday – you have done well for eight hours of working and have got to earn for that day.

Life is a bunch of roses. It is beautiful.

Rose Flores Martinez

Geography: Don't Miss These Questions

Don’t miss these questions.

Are you lost? Do you have GPS in your car? Are you aware of the traffic rules and regulations? Do you carry a map?

Locations. They are important because people go to places. Without the knowledge of Geography, life would have nowhere to go. Travel interests everyone, adults and kids alike. That is why we have Social Studies and subjects about Geography.

These words will help:

1. Geography means surface features of a place. It is the study of the earth’s surface, continents, and people. (E.g. geography of the world, Lands and People)

2. A map is the flat world and places on earth, with coordinates; It shows earth directions North, South, East, West; The map is flat while the globe is round (but the earth round like a ball)

Study the map of the world; Mapping

3. Hurricane is violent storm with strong winds and rain.

A tornado is like a very small hurricane

Areas of extremely low pressure build up over warm oceans. Warm wet air spins into the middle of the low pressure area causing the strong winds. The warm air rises and the water vapor in it becomes clouds and heavy rain.

4. An eclipse means exceed in importance; overshadow; A solar eclipse is when the moon interrupts light from the sun. A lunar eclipse is when the earth interrupts light shining on the moon; occultation

5. Pollution is contamination. There is pollution when unwanted/harmful substances are present.

6. A crescent is when the half of the moon facing the sun is always set up. As the moon goes around Earth, you see different parts of this half. The moon takes about a month to go around the earth; when the sun is shaped small and thin shaped like the moon

The moon is a crescent in the first and last quarter.


The Water Cycle

Rainwater soaks

Into the soil and rocks

It slowly seeps

Into lakes and rivers

Rainwater runs off slopes into lakes and rivers

Water evaporates

Plants spark off water from the ground

They release it back into

The air through their leaves.

8.Glaciers are rivers of ice. They are in very cold areas and on high mountains.

For example: Alpine glacier, ice cap, icefall

9. Nuclear The nuclear power plant

Take note: nuclear weapon, nuclear power; nation of an arsenal of atomic weapons having to do with atomic energy

10. A strategic location is location at the center or any location in an important area.

Off you go with Dora the Explorer!

Rosalinda Flores - Martinez

What's Your Job?

January 13, 2010 WORDS

What’s Your Job?

In an English conversation class, everyone usually asks this question:

“What’s your job?”

This is not something to brag about but something the class can share especially that many students are working students, and some are professionals studying and practicing a second language.

Here’s the line of occupations ( picked at random):

1. doctor A doctor treats ailment. He/She must have a license to practice medicine; a learned man;

Dr. Jose Rizal is a national hero of the Filipinos. He treated the cataract of his mother.

2. priest One called to be a servant of GOD and of the people; celebrates the Eucharist; a holy apostle

St. Hannibal, pray for us.

Send O Lord, holy apostles into Your church

St. Hannibal Mary Di Francia is the patron saint of priests, vocations, and holy workers.

3. teacher A teacher is also called an educator. One who trains an individual to develop skills, talents, and personality; A teacher must be a good example to his/her students; in a teacher’s heart, he deems his pupils as his own children; a noble work;

Jesus Christ when he became man taught humanity. He was a teacher.

4. engineer An engineer is an expert who plans, builds and designs. Computers and technology are results of engineering inventions/design. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the cable cars, and power plants are examples of engineering projects.

5. trader A merchant; a businessman. A trader buys and sells. He/She offers products/ services to consumers.

6. police officer The police officer maintains peace and order. He cuffs the criminal.

7. farmer A farmer plows the field. He grows crops / food; agriculturist

A famous saying goes, “You will reap what you planted.”

8. carpenter Someone who builds houses; the job of constructing/construction.

Saint Joseph was a carpenter. In the 19th century (Loretto Chapel, Sta. Fe, New Mexico, USA) was built a “Miraculous Stairway.” This mystery of over 130 years attracted around 250,000 visitors every year. There was a belief in Sta Fe that the carpenter was St. Joseph.

9. driver a professional driver; one who drives an automobile and brings people to destinations/ places; the engineer of a ship, plane, bus, car, carriage, horses, trains, et. al

10. manager administrator; a skilled person who guides, controls, and directs; the bank manager, the office manager, the hospital administrator

As the Bible goes we are all parts of one body. One cannot function well without the other. One person is best at being a doctor, one being a student, one being a parent, one being a trader, one being a priest, one being a farmer. Each has something to share so others can benefit ( money comes only the next to maintain needs). It is not just getting paid and acquiring wealth. A job/work is serving. It is something more than money. It is going an extra mile and living a role in life.

“What’s your job?”

Rose Flores - Martinez
Ishallwrite 1.15.2010

ESL Online: Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk

ESL Online: Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk

This is an original transcript of what happens in an online conversation class:

“Hello, can you hear me?”

“Hello, hello!”

“Hello, Koji!”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Koji san…”

“Hello Rose san!”

“Koji, can you hear me now?”

“Okay, I can hear you now.”

“Thank God, it’s working! We can start.”

A good computer is necessary featuring --- windows , linux…etc???? Yahoo Messenger (YM) and Google Talk. Some use Skype connections, etc.

Aside from your computer, meeting online will need the following gadgets/programs:

1. headphones (earphone/mike)
2. a web camera ( as required in some lessons)
3. a speaker, you can choose this option
4. a dictionary/ installed program in your computer
5. you should have You Tube in your PC
6. an internet connection/server

The headphones are the standard headphones suitable for any computer, whether it’s a laptop, notebook, or desktop.

The web camera (webcam) is required in some lessons. It’s just like an ordinary class. Be sure when you are getting online, you have to dress appropriately (teachers and students) like meeting people face to face. Females can put a tinge of powder and lipstick because foreign students are focusing on the mouth and its movements. An appreciable teacher’s personality requires good grooming. Who would want someone scary in the class?

You can use a speaker as an option for louder sound.

Learn how to use a dictionary online. Like using the Wikipedia, a translation, or install a Word Web software.

You Tube is useful. Teachers and students can watch together online (around 5 minutes), during the class to create variation and a new angle of discussion, especially when talking about arts, music, and film among others.

A good internet connection or server is required. Sometimes net is slow, this happens. So try at least, to get a good server.

Before going to the class, be sure to check your reading materials ahead of time, have a pen and paper ready to take down notes, and don’t be late. If there will be absences, a make-up class can be conducted at least twice a week.

It is just like enrolling in a Language Center and / or regular language school ( take note of the advantages and disadvantages); it will depend on the / your need.

Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk

Classes online couldn’t be conducted if you don’t install a Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk in your PC.

Secure a Yahoo email and a G-mail for your internet address. Use this emails to get YM and Google Talk. Invite your friends online. Voice-to-voice calls are cheaper and faster.

Thank God for modern technology and the internet!

Meet with you online,
Teacher Rose

/Rosalinda Flores - Martinez
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Emily Dickinson: A Private Poet

The Poetry of Emily Dickinson

When you can browse an abstract picture and you can talk and see life in deep metaphors, you will feel the value of art in being.

Poetry is something beautiful out of anything and in ugliness. It transforms matter into movement and life. It creates an array of light, culture, stories, buildings, clouds, and cute monsters. It tastes heaven, death, grapes, blood, and glass. It sees triumph, moans grief, shouts wisdom, and all the mind could do.

“If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold no fire can ever warm me I know that is poetry. If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry. These are the only way I know it…,” this is how Emily Dickinson finds poetry.

Dickinson is a noted poet. Her sentences are short that express a nervous discharge of energy. A poet of Victorian period, she has a certain kind of poetic insight that brings a startling contemporary tone to her works. Most of Ms. Dickinson’s poems are metaphysical poems which are about life, love, and death among others. Her gift of words is timeless.

Sample Poem /Phrase from Emily Dickinson

“Death Is A Dialogue”

Death is a dialogue between
The spirit and the dust.
“Dissolve, says Death. The Spirit, “Sir,”
I have another trust.”

Death doubts it, argues from the ground
The Spirit turns away,
Just laying off, for evidence,
An overcoat of clay.

1. “In the usual Metaphysical tradition, “Death is a Dialogue” expresses its meaning through the central devices of argument, and of image and situation,” Edith Tiempo says. (Edith Tiempo is a reputable professor in Poetry)

2. Emily Dickinson often uses off-rhymes (near rhymes or oblique rhymes) that it becomes a characteristic. Her earliest works show she could rhyme perfectly when she wants to, but for some reason she becomes fond of the little dissonance. She believes that any vowel can rhyme with another vowel.

Example: Instead of rhymes like “June”/ “moon”
she prefers “June”/men.”

3. She also uses synesthesia (from Greek words meaning “blended feeling”), as in “… he hears odors…” and “To the bugle every color is red.”

An analysis by R.P. Blackmur about Emily Dickinson writes:

“She was neither a professional nor an amateur poet (She was a private a poet); she wrote indefatigably as some women cook or knit. Her gift of words and the cultural predicaments of her time drove her into poetry instead of antimacassars.”

Rose Flores- Martinez,

Sunday, July 4, 2010

FYI: July 4, Philippine- American Friendship Day

FYI: Fourth of July in the Philippines, is usually commemorated as Philippine- American Friendship Day. God bless America!

Happy Birthday St. Hannibal

July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday My Father Hannibal (Mary Di Francia)

I love you, Saint Hannibal

I know how you pray very hard for me everyday

Because I am yours, and you are my guardian

You know my heart,

And GOD knows my thoughts from the very start

I accept my transgressions and imperfections

And I don't swear of anything, but to the Divine

You have built in me power in faith

Refuge, what a Father can give a daughter

Please suffice me of God's grace

So I won't need of anything

Thank you for teaching me Jesus' ways

And in my failures, thank you for giving me hope

You will always give me rain

For rain, makes heaven cry with me

Till my death, give me loyalty to those I love

Let me love.

Rose Flores - Martinez,7.5.2010