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Feb 24, 2011/

Dear Friends,

This week  has been trying my patience.


The computer, I'm borrowing from my daughter has stopped for 2 days.

I brought it to the computer shop (Comp Link), and thanks  it's now working.


My old computer, just this morning stopped...

My daughter said, it has to be reformatted.

And perhaps - I have lost some files and it might take more than a week to repair it. (Busy people)


I don't know what to write

But I like to write everything.


I need a miracle  dear GOD!


I know these are petty things

as compared to what happened to New Zealand,

I have to pray as the others do.


I don't know what's coming next.

The earth  is full of surprises.

Send Your Holy Spirit Father GOD,

And send in more holy apostles to do good work and pray

That in all things -

We remain steadfast in love, faith, and hope

And prayer.

Screamin' tonight, but still expectin' something special

For everyone - and for my computers....

Thank you d…