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The Most Important Thing: Hard Work

An idle body or mind is prone to the devil's temptations, as the saying goes, the seat of evil. Even God, himself only rested on the Sabbath day. Sloth is also included in the seven capital sins, so I could remember the lazy picture of a child running away from the devils.

A person who works hard and loves his work should be respected and imitated. Work is one of the fulfilling factors that help man succeed too see meaning for his/her life. It is the source where talents and skills are shared serving others and the whole world. Just like the different parts of the body, so should people be working together; each one is endowed with unique and special qualities.

I remember my teacher in Work Education telling us about a person who was very happy while he worked. The teacher told us that his work was just like playing, that is why he didn't get tired. His motto was "Never worked and never will," because he always had fun in his job.

Children are taught to do little re…

On Loyalty: Save the Flag

I will share this funny experience with my classmates at the laboratory school (Philippine Normal College Laboratory School) years back, in elementary. "To laugh or not to laugh," that is the question.

I love my Philippine flag. It has four colors. Upper portion is blue, lower portion is red and on the side is a slanted triangle shaded white. It has three yellow stars and a sun inside the shaded white part.

After the school's early flag ceremony, the flag stayed up. The beat of the drums gave intense feeling while we sang the national anthem "Bayang Magiliw." The flag was being raised up by assigned boy scouts or girl scouts saluting around the flag pole.

It was a special ceremony for us, the students. We did that everyday before we started our classes. Six years in the primary level and 4 years in high school.

One day during our lunch break, while we were gathering on the benches near the flag pole, it rained hard. The wind blew the flag as it swayed to and f…

Different Articles You Could Write

What are the different kinds of articles we can write? Here's how: Make a plan of campaign. It should develop possibilities to the utmost. Ideas should be fresh and very interesting.

Keep up zest and read widely. Talk to people. Instead of scorning what falls below your own standards try to learn from it. Writing about the different aspects of life gives thrills and rewards, and the same applies to art, music, architecture and every other creative field.

Check this:

1. articles

Write helpful and meaty articles. Do blogging. Join online articles marathon and invite traffic to your website.

Remember to write what you know and where you specialize. Readers will be happy to spend time reading more information one can apply and learn in life.

2. general interest

Common knowledge and basics of things are usually read. It is not that readers don't know, but they just want a refresher and standards as guidelines. It's like updating books and other manuscripts.

3. topical articles

On Research: The Interview Method

Using the interview method to get facts for a research work is highly recommended for writing new, original and authoritative content.

Of course, when your are headed for an interview: be professional. Act like the enthusiastic journalist. Don't be shy to ask questions because if you don't, you will omit the expertise of the interviewee.

Here are some tips:

Select the right person. Be sure he is the right person to provide the information. Plan a meeting /date with him/her. Usually, if someone handles his schedules like a secretary, get an interview date, but better if you can get the schedule directly from the interviewee.

Do your homework. You have to outline your interview questions in advance. Know some details about your topic and about the person you would be meeting. Ask both open and closed questions. Closed questions ask what kind of information you want that gives brief responses. Open questions ask for general information.

Ask follow up questions. If you would like…

On Practical Research

The research you conduct in college is academic rather than practical. It is designed to result in a convincing paper rather than a purchase of action.

But then, meaningful research results from real questions that you care to answer. It's exciting work. Journalists get more and authentic details conducting thorough interviews and immersion, scientists work out on experiments, scholars study several books and adhere to detailed methods.

Check out the following tips:

The researchers must have a genuine interest in the topic. It is difficult to fake curiosity. So if you are, for example, interested in teaching ESL, you can pursue about such topic. As you go some topics become more interesting.

The researcher must ask questions. General and detailed questions must be asked. Experts can help to give you primary data.

You must seek answers from people. Schedule interviews or make survey sheets. This can give updated statistics and exact directions. Working professionals and non-academ…

Death: Jesus, Save Souls

Death is one sure thing that will happen in our life.

It is the sunset that slowly disappears in the sky, hiding itself from the earth to peacefully follow the light. The thing is, there is no way to convince us of its blissful state because of uncertainty. For most of us death is dreadful.

For those who died ahead, may they rest in peace - and let their souls be remembered in their prayers. For the saints, may their example be our guiding light here on earth.


Consider yourself already dead. What do you think would you have done in your lifetime? You'd probably do well to heed St. Bernard's advice: "Consider the sins of manhood and weep over them; consider the sins of your present life, tremble and make haste to amend your life." After all, everybody wants to go to heaven and while on this journey, each soul hopes not to be lost, but to see GOD.

Do souls really get lost? If they do, where do they go? A priest says a soul, when separated from the body, may go to h…

Remembering Names

Are there really power names? If foreign students were asked the meaning of their native names, it would always signify deep connotations. Even English names have special meanings. Parents and elders can explain a history of the names they give their children.

Everybody knows what a sandwich is, but not everyone knows that it was named after John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich, a renowned gambler who was once too busy to take a meal (M. Nurnberg).

From time to time, there are new words coming out brought by how persons and individuals live. Words are classified differently. In this time, they birthed from modern technology and the new generation. Online - ESL terms, dictionaries, idioms and urban words make new sounds for all.

Meanwhile, look back at history:

1. Lucullus is a distinguished Roman general. "Lucullus dines with Lucullus," Plutarch "The life of Lucullus." Lucullan  is being lavish, or luxuriously, sumptuous.

2. Martinet means a stern taskmaster. One…

More Writing Exercises

Teachers give various writing exercises to develop the writing skills of students. More than this, writing teachers find unique ways of enhancing writing prompts. Students have to be open to challenges to contribute fresh ideas to the class. Anyone, to write, needs profound thoughts and interesting intellectual reactions.

Critics though and philosophers are more on word play. These areas are writing-related, but require another arm of discipline. The writer, on the other hand, must write. He/she must write and weave words to make a good sentence and amazing, painful hammering of the brain. Editing/checking should come after finishing the draft.

Sir Tony Perez, a noted playwright, shared to us (his students), many creative writing exercises. In his class, every Friday, there was an exciting surprise for everyone. We'd all giggle with what came to the class.

Many writing exercises highlighted past lives like figuring out childhood memories, and those that described the writer's…