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Free Nugget Ebook: Basic English


by Rosalinda Flores - Martinez


1. Listen and Interact

Listening requires awareness. Don't forget the patience. Remember you are listening because you want to learn. Learning is getting correct information useful in everyday course of events. Warning: Be careful to know the difference between correct information and gossip.

I. Listening Tips

1. Focus on the topic. Be interested. Concentrate on the speakers thoughts and learn to get the main idea of the topic. Try to figure out how it is developed.

2. Give the speaker a chance to share. Be enthusiastic. It is not how the speaker looks, but what he says.

3. Don't be emotional. Don't fall in love and dream, don't get angry and hate during the listening process. Be on guard for important details. Listen long enough so you will understand the speaker's points. Ask questions after everything has been delivered.

4. Be interested on the topic and give the speaker a chance to prove his topics.

5. Alw…