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Today is a Friday

Fridays are special for me

It zips working days to weekend excitements

I thought of many things today and wrote some letters - all of which liberates the pangs of my belief

Wise men say, there are 3 sides of an opinion: what I think, what others think, and what the TRUTH is. Well... if we would not speak, who would know? But sometimes, speaking is a shallow ground, unlike writing where profundity means to be shared to whoever would accept the intense flames that wake diffident consciousness

Thomas Merton, the brave monk, who writes about being unpopular but following Jesus is a good example of a humble servant

Responsibility and service must go with courage. Rules are set for order as in the academe, communities,and territories. Here shows civilized cultures away from the mountain people. Yet, we have exceptions to the rules that is why we have a justice system, wars, and collaboration of minds

Rules come as the need requires. They are made because somebody risked or gave something …