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Encounters With Nothingness

Everything and nothing is God. I am not a philosopher. I am neither into word play, let intrusion be pardoned. But then, truth and the freedom of choices and beliefs, if for all good and all love must reign. I refute those who themselves say "There is no God," because there is God whether one likes it or not. There is God in everything. There is God in nothing. The proof is all around the marvelous creations of the Divine Omnipotent, death then salvation. See the world. Study history. Feel art. Breathe now.

Texts written, researches conducted, culture lived from time to time, and the modern life link with each other at certain points of evolution and growth. Here, in the 21st century, the Holy Spirit of God even touches closely in the advancement of technology.

Eliot's "Hollow Man," Hemingway's "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place," and Sherwood Anderson's "A Story-Teller's Story," among others, are expressions about life. These are scho…