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The Water Problems of the Poor in the Philippines

July 29, 2010

THEY(Newly Elected Set of Gov’t Officials): Have To Solve Problems for the People

I have read commentaries from newspapers and online communities today. But I haven’t heard much from the news on TV.

How are the surveys going? I hope the media wouldn’t stop after the elections. We – and experts- and the people have to SAY something to awaken the Filipinos.

The SONA had its specifications of roles and visions, but then I read from the columnist Conrado de Quiros (Inquirer) that “… it was bitin…”

On the net; worst when translated into English – the translations were inexact.

Moreover, from Manila Times columnist Giovanni Tapang, that president and the government must solve necessities first, before we go to business matters.

Truly, the basic needs of the people and especially the poor must be met. At most, this month, we had water shortage around the country. They have to do something about this problem; it’s an urgent case.

If the working class couldn’t be provide…