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Swine flu? Germ Doctor says: Wash

Visit my article The Daily Tribune: Germ Doctor says, "Wash"

Good bye Swine Flu!4.28.2009

for my teachers

April 27, 2009

Six and More...


As I look back to glance at your origami
I could see how I missed one of our activities going CCP
It was one of the best times you would bundle us
And I didn’t come because of house chores that always
Impeded my speed.
Yet those times I was with you at the Writing Center
Created powerful jet trails in me
And beautiful clouds that GOD has drawn


I remember your word “candid.”
It meant so much when I write my essays, especially when I’m tempted to lie,
And use quotes not my own.
I remember you were my first father confessor, too
You didn’t laugh at me, but only instilled respect for a writers professionalism.
My funny first drafts – were torrid, and bloody
But then, our workshops were inspiring
And those were the times – I would never forget you, teacher


Your voice, I never heard
Your hands, I never touched
Your face wasn’t even visible in my dreams
The time my soul was panting
You were right there standing, in front of me
Sharing your books
As a father would
To feed…