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Good Friday

It rained down on me - everything including the ruins of my past. Because today is good Friday for me and a marked day to be acquainted with cancer cells of different people (in the clinic, bringing a cancer patient) know them so well, had them treated right to stop their mutations.

Here's the burst of simple things that annoy - steal time, freeze brains, and nail feet to destinations you wouldn't wish for. Teardrops couldn't even fall.

It's just like Good Friday. Good Friday comes triumphant in Easter. Yet the day itself offers a time of keeping close with conscience. It makes us a little kinder and generous. Yes, the wrath of the cross is salvation to mankind. I wanted to carry my shadows so it wouldn't follow me. Coming across these routine, I have the same monologues with that of a bored housewife, and a caretaker.

I have my own strong world like chains of mountains that GOD planted. I made sure its temples wouldn't fall, its walls wouldn't crack. I l…