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Trapped Into Procrastination?

Trapped Into Procrastination?

Do you always say later? Have you experienced doing things very slowly? You say “I feel so low.” Watch out, you have to act now. You need to break the inertia and get off ground zero.

Procrastination is a self-blocking mechanism that everybody has experienced at one time or another. It usually stems form fear of failure or success, or a deep-seated anxiety.

A psychologist says “ We procrastinate because then we can’t fail. It’s the result of arrogance. We say to ourselves if I can’t do it the way I know I should, then I don’t want to do it at all.”

Consultants traced on to three processes why we put things off : they’re unpleasant, they are difficult, they require tough decision.

Time-management consultants give us some advice:

1. Divide tasks into small manageable bits. From a checklist, mark those you’ve done.

2. Exercise or walk early in the morning. You can even visit churches or parks.

3. Tell your friends about the challenges facing you ev…