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You were the dream I had last night
All - about you. When you held me

In the arms of eternity
When you kissed me in the brink of

Death. When you breathed in me. I
Knew I was the first you ever loved

I felt how you ached when words were
Mute. And you couldn’t shout your moan

And you couldn’t touch that dainty
Pink lace of time


Deserve my love
Every beat of my heart will kiss

For you. Every song I sing will
Shout for you - how much, how much

I love

Rainbows flow and waterfalls
Gush on me. The clouds, the wind

A stage where I dance as day
And night I weave moon and stars

Then you, put a crown on my head,
The gleaming jewel of sunrays

I feel your eyes burst me. Your heart
Raise my brokenness. I die,

For you
I live
For you

No other man would dare take me
Except you. In all my agonies

Drenched in every sorrow of the world
I have loved you

How my spine shivered, how my
Breath whispered your love. Till fragrant

Flowers bloom, Sahara flows