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Our Lady of Hope


Loyalty: The Vital Virtue

October 16, 2010

Loyalty:The Vital Virtue

“Leadership” by Rudolph Giuliani with Ken Kurson exhorts helpful true-to-life stories leading people and inspiring them.
Once wanting to be a priest or doctor back in college, Rudolph W. Giuliani was elected the 107th mayor of the City of New York in 1993.Prior to becoming mayor, he had been Associate Attorney General, the third highest position in the United States Department of Justice, a position left in 1983 to become US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.Hew was voted Time’s “2001 Person of the Year.”
“My mother exerted tremendous influence on my education.She loved to teach,” says Giuliani.
The author’s experiences brought him to fulfilling his dreams, and inspiring/supporting people, especially those he worked with.
One of Giuliani’s lessons as a leader, tells the quotation from Thomas De Quincey“If once a man indulges himself in murder, very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing; he comes next to drinking and…

On Leadership (A Book Review on "Leadership" by Giuliani with Ken Kurson

“Leadership” by Rudolph W. Giuliani with Ken Kurson (A Book Review)

Leaders leave a mark.What sets them apart to “just being followers” is courage.Good leaders set a good example, in every way so others would get to their goals, too.Good leaders inspire and are never ashamed how they share with those who are weak and poor; hence, encourage everyone to do the same.Good leaders build a brick of progress for all people.They try to consider they are the crowd and the time of leadership a great responsibility and duty to God and service to fellowmen.
Rudolph Giuliani with Ken Kurson write about business and leadership, in a book titled “Leadership,” published by Miramax Books, New York.
The book uncovers and illustrates that larger principles requires vision and process.The leader needs to believe in the dream he envisions even though the dream might seem very unlikely, given the current reality.
Giuliani leads by example.The most effective leader are the ones who allow people to thrive unencum…

On Influence (October 21)

On Influence
(A Book Review:Becoming A Person of Influenceby John C. Maxwelland Jim Dornan)

Who are the persons you are likely to follow?When are you influenced?Why do people get influenced?
These are a few questions that everyone asks.
Daily living raises tradition, family, friends, school and workplaces a stage of formation to individuals and groups.Like the “in-thing” in fashion, culture, music, literature, and technology; influence creeps on collective thoughts.
According to Maxwell and Dornan, “Influence grows by stages, and each one’s influence are in varied levels.”First, you become a model.Then you motivate.Next you become a mentor.Then you multiply.
Quotes were gathered from successful people in and out the limelight.
Baseball legend Jackie Robinson noted, “A life isn’t significant except for its impact on other’s lives.”
Positive influence adds value to other people.If you are a person of integrity, people will see an example/model in you. “Integrity commits itself to character …