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Writing Vocabulary 2010

Writing Vocabulary

Writing skills are developed through consistent practice and guts. It entails a lot of editing and revisions. Sometimes one is not satisfied at all. But then, there are many ways to improve writing.

Like speaking, reading, and listening; writing involves the work of the senses. Moreover, it needs more than just looking, but going beyond and imagining. Details are crucial because there are hundreds of readers. It is the writer’s responsibility to give good and helpful materials to everyone.

Ideas are generated from journal writing, mapping, clustering words, brainstorming, listing examples, word prompts, or free writing, among others. Now, because of modern technology visuals create varied ideas for new materials.

Check this out: 10 writing words frequently used

1. journal A journal is a written account of any event, place, or person. It can be a web log, a diary, a lecture, schedules, and /or an academic notebook. Take note of Virginia Woolf’s and …