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A Blessed 2013!


Merry Christmas! (Our Lady of Hope, photo by rosevoc2)


How To Write An Intro Paragraph For An Essay

How to Write an Intro Paragraph For an Essay By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez
There are many ways how to write an intro paragraph for an essay, as you want to emphasize in your work.

But first, you have to establish your purpose in writing and make up a thesis statement.

Narrow down your subject in specifics. Your first paragraph could introduce your topic or cite that the essay is worth reading, and that the writer is interesting and human.

You can start your intro paragraph using the following approaches.

Start with an anecdote.

Readers want interesting examples and stories which they could relate to. They need to know each one's different tales that could shed them light and zeal.
My boyfriend for one week was an android. All he had to text me were the same phrases in exclamation marks, "Love you! Miss you!" I sent back the same messages. So that was how some programs were made, after human responses.

Start by description.

You can describe people, places and events, amon…

Thank you, Dear God. We pray for all.


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How To Write An Effective Essay


Forgot Your Speech?

Forgot Your Speech? How To Recompose Your Thoughts Quickly Before You Take Stage By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez
Talking before a crowd or an audience begets high spirits! It shifts power to the fourth gear and a rupture of charm for a few minutes on stage, like a rock star!

But suddenly, you forgot your speech...

Here are some tips on how to recompose your thoughts quickly before you take the stage.

Know your audience.

Your speech must be suited for your audience. Are they students? Experts? Crowd?
Remember in any of the above, common and simple words can create an impact, if the words will be used appropriately.

Focus on the title.

The title is your theme. All that you will be speaking about should contribute to the theme. Know what your title promises.

Draft a quick outline on a sheet of paper.
Write key words and make a few sentences leading to examples. Be sure to provide the answers to the lead paragraph or the final paragraph answering: what, where, when, who and how, among other…

On December 4

by Rosevoc2

Today - we wait for Christmas.

And while I think of what's best to write -

Most about charity.

Life is short - let us learn more of good things to do or share

Maybe, ask for... if in God's grace.

God's grace comes with a pure heart -

And the small miracles, we all could not explain.

A Small Prayer

Dear God, we pray for peace and love

and those desires that would fit our tired world today.

We will be happy with You.

Help us discover each blessing we receive everyday.

Help us not to lose hope.

Breathe hard your Holy Spirit and guide us along the best pathway of our lives. Amen