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The Power of the Holy Spirit

July 29, 2011

On a Friday.

The Sacred Heart Day

We have to understand how the power of GOD works.

It works when the heart is all pure - after the confession, transformation, and daily struggles with the changes and some imperfections of life.

We cannot hide from the reality that life is borrowed and only an Almighty owns it.  That Almighty accepts man to become His children.  Such is a gift from Jesus Christ.

We have to understand how the power of GOD works.  Each must find the purpose of which he/she is born; in any field or status or color of skin we are supposed to be a connection of good/holy workers to serve and make our communities thrive, in an ultimate purpose to make the world a better place for everyone.

He who has abundance should share more, and he who has less should adjust, and share in any way. The big sun and the speck of dust are both God's creation.  Each has its own benefit to get as its own contribution to give.  

The power of the Holy Spirit will be our guid…

July 26, 2011. Thank you for the Rain

Today is the death anniversary of my father

He knows I love the rain

And now, there's a lot of rain

Thank you, dear GOD for water and rain.

Saint John, pray for us.

rosalinda flores

How To Love (Thanks for sharing this video)


Are Morals Important?

A basic universal question ponders, "What are morals?"

In the intermediate academy it asks, "What sense does it make?"

The 21st century gives an answer to the question, "Are morals important?"

How far can we go from here?

Today, everyone races with technology and counts in seconds. One press on your keyboard and you have got an answer. One press in the source code and there's an explosion. One press in a machine dials hello and goodbye or on and off. Everyone is in a culture of speed, though time moves as it was before now. Time is constant and only God can adjust the earth's hands.

The earth has new cities like global cities or the World Wide Web, among others. Truly, progress has come a long way from the days of our wars, from the quest of knowledge when man started to build fire. Man has learned a language, and when Christ has risen, man has enjoyed heavenly provisions.

Hence, we are endowed with many blessings to build a better world, enjoy it…


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, We Trust in You

When darkest hours fall and you don't know what to do, you will find out who you really are. You will discover how frail your body needs warmth and how you would seek to see God, face to face. And beyond all your attempts, no one will satisfy your heart's yearning but the Holy Spirit sustaining you strength and the Father's care. God's love, grace and mercy will fill your heart and you will rise again, steadfast as a rock.

Peter was entrusted, John was entrusted, Mary and Joseph, among others, pulled off responsibilities.

In the daily course of events, you are endowed with so many gifts and blessings from heaven and around. Even those trials and challenges are means to get you moving, creating, serving. So you are given a task, and here God himself supports your endeavours. Life is beautiful. It is adorned with mystery, risk, and success. The paths are many and the freedom to choose and decide, make you whole with a duty of a vocation like any good worker.

In my most …