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You: Billows of Guilt?

You didn't do it! Every tear

you shed, a cluster of icicles

enshroud. Your kiss, pure as

water. Your arms, overworked

with guns. Your thighs, steadfast

for duty. You asked for nothing,

but my love. You were a Muslim

and I was a Christian. We were

two different worlds. Our ages did

not meet, but in the equinox of the

suns. Our backgrounds were odd to

each other. The only thing common

was love and God. I didn't abandon

you when time separated us. You were

always in me, we were one Cross.

Billows of guilt, let come to heaven!

Never will I deny you, I will drift with you

fire on fire, knees on knees, limb on limb.

Your memory is my memory in the

stone walls. Your love, my weeping

trail. God is forever! In every billow

of imperfection, in everything or nothing -

He is a cloud that comforts...

Every vein in your arm, I will remember.

"Assalamu alaikum"

And peace be with you.     /for You, my love   rosevoc2 on ishallwrite. august 2012 also on poemhu…