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Thank GOD it is another day

Thank GOD, it is another day.

Good morning.

Mythology and Culture

Every society has mythology as its principal part of stories in its earlier phases of development. The language is metaphorical. Poets love mythology because mythology deals with divine beings. For example : The myth of Prometheus (the Titan who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind) gives to Shelley that attracts him to the myth rather than to a contemporary social theme.

Northrop Frye in his paper about “Nature and Myth” says that a myth, in its simplest and most normal significance, is a certain kind of story, generally about a god or other divine being. Myths in this sense are associated with primitive cultures.

According to studies, myths tend to stick together and form a mythology (body of stories associated with culture), whereas folktales simply travels over the world interchanging their motifs and themes. Legends are more photo historical in reference. It is an easy-going form of tradition, before there is general demand for history conceived as the study of …

Myth Gods

Kids are fond of myths and fairy tales. Every time I ate ham with my father, I was very happy.

Father told me “Ham comes from the dragon. It is a dragon.” And so I was filled with awe. I thought I could be stronger and have powers because I ate ham and a dragon that blows fire. “Could I blow fire?”

Cartoons on television like “Mighty Thor (god of thunder and rain), and some flying horses and genies (spirits believed by Muslims) inspired me and made me curious to see what’s in the other world. Growing up with old people and their stories made me see the world as magical, beautiful and full of challenges. The heroes in fiction and myths help people understand that the good always triumphed, and that without courage, man could not get to his dreams and goals in life.

Imagining what’s inside Pandora’s Box and glass castles, and zooming in carpets that fly make life bigger for kids. In the progress of culture, those stories come even bigger for games, and cinema’s adult audi…