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Tips for Article Writing - How To Write A Movie Review Article

If you want to write a movie review you have to be well-informed and updated. You must be interested in the movie you want to talk about. It is like telling a story and giving your opinion on what is good or bad about it. Here are tips in writing a movie review. Details should be highly selected. They must be concise and unified. You have to be keen in choosing the details you could expound to make readers decide whether to like or not like the movie. You can skip what the audience already knows. The plot or the idea can be discussed, but do not give away the ending. Also, you can write about the cast of characters, the setting or the performance. Indicate the name of the director, scriptwriter and the producer, among others. Respond to readers' interests and the reasons why they read the review. Know that readers seek for information, evaluation and interpretation. Give positive and negative comments. Online you can verify sample reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb (Internet Movie …