Monday, May 11, 2009

The Promise of an Angel


“Angel of God, my guardian dear
To whom God’s love commits me here,
Ever this day be at my side,
To light and guide
To rule and guard..."

An angelologist is a person who studies angels. That person should have a theological, experiential, and theoretical background. The late Cecille Gutierrez, a former nun and was a spirit-filled Christian had taken some psychology courses in Newton College, Massachusettes, USA. After her studies, she became a missionary and had a training in Biblical Counseling in Germany, USA, and the Philippines.

According to Guttierrez, “It is true that angels are messengers from GOD. They are one order of spiritual beings that are attendants to the Almighty. They are ageless and they have no childhood. They have experienced neither death or birth because they are eternal. They have youthfulness and strength. Untiringly, they serve God and man.”

Angels align people to God. They even disguise themselves into human form. So we should be careful in our actions, especially in entertaining strangers for they may be angels in disguise (Hebrews, New Testament). Whatever is the subject, Gutierrez never fails to fill her imagination with angels, its appearances in nature, and its occurrences in life. As a result, Cecille turned into a visionary artist.

Our Relationship with Angels

According to Psalm 91, angels are sent by God to guard us in all our ways. They guide, assist, and protect mankind. Angels do this work but don’t interfere with our lives or our freewill.

If we take the initiative, angels are always willing to rescue or help humans when in trouble even if people are not aware about them. “Usually from such experiences an angel relationship develops,” Gutierrez points out.

“Part of my mission is to help facilitate angel awareness.” But they should never be adored nor worshipped.

Angel Touch/ Angel Rescue

At 18, Gutierrez experienced an angel rescue. There was a big fire near their house. Her family got nearly trapped. But after getting help, she was amazed to see that the fire had stopped and their house was saved.

Then she had a stroke. Her right hand felt paralyzed. She prayed and asked for an angel touch. She scribbled and scribbled repeatedly until she was able to draw 100 angels.

The Angel Promise

Almost every encounter or relationship with an angel brings about transformation in our lives for the good of our soul and for the glory of God. It is sad to know that some people bring misery and suffering on themselves. Sometimes, they abandon that free condition in which angels guided them. To those who want peace, joy, and love; angels share the fruit of the spirit. Anyone can hold on that promise. And far beyond our earthly dreams, you will be consoled by the thought that you can reach your goals because you are not alone. Listen to your angel. Amen.

/Rose Flores – Martinez