On September 1, 2017. Journal Notes

1.  I want to seize this time gathering my thoughts

My muse bids me - in September

There is so much to write

and nothing to write at all

I want you, dense, like smoke.

2.  Photos of your dwellings make me cry

a porch,  a castle, and empty bench near the lake

I remember our house

when I kept your shoes.

Why do you always leave me?

Your promise of coming back is what I hold dearest.

Around the visionary earth

I wait like a child

If I could only tell you what you meant,

there is no point in writing.


Journal Notes. August 6, 2017. Dear God

Dear God,

There are things we don't understand,
but everything keeps coming
in obedience of You.

You know what's best for us
Dear God, bless and protect us.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy SPirit
As it was in the beginning, now, and will be forever. Amen.

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Remembering my Dad on St. John the Baptist's Day

L-R My mother Clemens (rip), my dad Juan (rip), and myself ( in front)

Journal Notes. May 14, 2017

On May 14, 2017

Today is the death anniversary of my Mom.

Thank you for teaching us the ways of Mama Mary -

Also, Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers, sisters and those taking care and guiding children!

Journal Notes. On April 28, 2017. Beware on Store Promos /Rewards: Make Sure They Work

HERE IS MY STORY TODAY Beware on Store Promos /Rewards:  Make Sure They Work
I was about to redeem my meat freebie today at the Monterey Meat Shop, but instead - I got pissed, tore the ticket and flung a confetti in front of the cash register.   Wow!  I’m excited what surprise gift pack that would be…  You know customers are happy and become just like kids for freebies, discounts and store rewards.  Sometimes I am not just into believing these promos, but sometimes, too, we feel so cool and we’d   pay and validate store promos to receive surprises with what we’d buy in the “Buy One, Take One” or half the price discounts, among others. After completing a cycle (6 sets) of two hundred fifty pesos (250) worth of each single receipt of beef, pork and chicken, affixed with the cashier’s signature and date of purchase I was asked to get my surprise pack as available.  So I waited and every time I went in the meat shop, in the community I always asked about the prize which made me go there from…

Happy Easter Everyone!


The Seven Sorrows of Mary

The Seven Sorrows of Mary
The first time I knew about the seven sorrows of Mary was in 2016 while completing the Pilgrims Passport in the Jubilee of Mercy. I asked my friends, “Really?  Did Mother Mary grip in sorrow, too?”  One of them answered, “Of course, like us parents.  She was the mother of Jesus, especially when she held the dead body of him.” We were on our sixth stop, in Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Pasay City.  Honestly, I was stunned because I found that people are not alone in grief. I am not alone in my sorrows.
Here are the even sorrows of our lady. The Prophecy of Simon The Flight of Egypt The Loss of Jesus in the Temple The Meeting of Mary and Jesus on the Way to Calvary The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus The Piercing of the Side of Jesus and his Descent from the Cross The Burial of Jesus    
In Luke it says that a sword shall pierce her soul for her child shall be rejected by many, but be of great joy to others.  How would you feel when your friends, family and the people aroun…