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Swine flu? Germ Doctor says: Wash

Visit my article The Daily Tribune: Germ Doctor says, "Wash"

Good bye Swine Flu!4.28.2009

for my teachers

April 27, 2009

Six and More...


As I look back to glance at your origami
I could see how I missed one of our activities going CCP
It was one of the best times you would bundle us
And I didn’t come because of house chores that always
Impeded my speed.
Yet those times I was with you at the Writing Center
Created powerful jet trails in me
And beautiful clouds that GOD has drawn


I remember your word “candid.”
It meant so much when I write my essays, especially when I’m tempted to lie,
And use quotes not my own.
I remember you were my first father confessor, too
You didn’t laugh at me, but only instilled respect for a writers professionalism.
My funny first drafts – were torrid, and bloody
But then, our workshops were inspiring
And those were the times – I would never forget you, teacher


Your voice, I never heard
Your hands, I never touched
Your face wasn’t even visible in my dreams
The time my soul was panting
You were right there standing, in front of me
Sharing your books
As a father would
To feed…


when i open my blog, we would speak together

the harbour picture is calm, but its dead

i would like to change my blog colors everyday

even if just quickly - i always desire it black

black couldnt shout - it hides like evening, but so beautiful

and profound. it is so alive, naked, and free

black skies show the stars

black skies show the the moon

my pages are black skies

i pray it would show GOD



thursday, april 23


i would squeeze my words, i would squeeze them tight from my brains

though sometimes, i want to save them before they rust,

should i lay them again - they come like coins waking in different positions

i would get them wrapped in cigarette foils and deposit in the big bank

keep them safe, share interests

no, they wouldnt sprawl the bank vaults and creep like aliens

i would withdraw them soon

and bury them deep down sea bed to grow new islands



thursday, april 23

i would squeeze my words, i would squeeze them tight

sometimes, i want to save them but they rust

should i lay them again - they wake in different positions

search for rosalinda martinez articles

today is april 22, a wednesday

usually i teach on these days but its vacation

so today, after a series of knowing about cancer cells

i shift to write about some topics, and revise some

i dont have an event today from tribune, maybe soon

i tried sending some articles for ezine online

check out and search for rosalinda martinez articles on yahoo

also, today is earth day --- let us help save mother earth

let us thank GOD for today
tuesday, april 21

happy birthday MM

you are a nice little girl

saturday, april 18

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the resurrected Jesus

Monday after Easter

An Easter promise is GOD talking to us face to face. He reminds us that His love goes beyond our mortality and the creation of the universe. Oftentimes, we don’t mind Him because we’re busy with work and everyday affairs. But GOD doesn’t give up on us, and even highlights this Easter celebration like Christmas, by praying together and remembering our faith.

God has blessed me with an image of the “Lord of the Resurrection,” that is in our house now. The image belongs to the sister of my father, and to our family. My aunt tells me that it is from Spain as old as Magellan and Basco da Gama. My grandfather is a simple folk from Laguna, but then the image was given to them by the Flores great grand dad who married a rich woman from Spain… way way back. Ever since for many years it had been the Lord of the Resurrection in the church of Victoria Laguna. Later when the church was able to get another image from a good benefactor – one Lord of the Resurrection belon…

why write journals

you can search for my article at ezine: "Why Write Journals"


my high school family




Students and Mother


Vietnamese friends


Death and Peace


Language Center


Mother Maria




Mama Mary at Mt. Caglago, Caramoan Philippines


From Juvy for Mother

yum yum yum


life rearing children is a vocation

it comes as a duty to the family

a responsibility to GODs calling of moulding

the best for the world

there are times, its forgetting other things

and choosing just to watch how children grow

and being fat

and minding the house chores

everybody ignores

holy wednesday

today is holy wednesday

i pray i could tame myself to face ordinary things

of just keeping light like St Therese

of realizing that GODs love comes in the most quiet hours

when no one sees

helplessness turn to glory

the wrath of good friday

is a cross

saving mankind.9:05

just sleeping and eating

it was planned, i would not go out today or the weekend

ive tried to arrange for everything, and even my UPV family (tita cely) would pay for my retreat fee

i couldnt attend though because i have to do house errands

i couldnt even read for the Holy Hour this Friday of the Sacred Heart because no one would be left in the house to look after someone who is sick

im a rebel, a nonconformist many times

but then when I am summoned by my faith i could do nothing

but stay in the corner

eat and sleep

and write some things that come up to me

like today

i finished today with snores, and eating bread, chips, and fish balls

and asking GOD my allergies would be healed

and complaining of the april heat

Thank you Lord for today, for keeping us all safe

Thank you Sacred Heart for Your love to the world

writing advise

mam marjorie, my poetry writing teacher, advised me in her email that i should be writing a beautiful sentence or paragraph everyday for practice. i thank her for untiringly not giving up on me, even after our finished lessons way back my creative writing classes. ive always admired her poetry, and adored her diligent vocation as a writer and teacher.

now, i also tell my students to write and practice everyday... and i hope for their diaries, too,

to mirror the self

yes, teachers are like faithful mothers and students - sons and daughters

hbirthday, april3

today is the birthday of wenzi. she is a very charming lady now. i like her with her winking big eyes and her expressions that make me laugh. but she has a problem ... she wants more weight because ever since... she's that skinny little girl. anyway shes drinking weight gain now, and flaunting her eyes with eye shadows of different colors. she's wearing yellow today. may GOD hold her close forever.