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What Words Would I Use?

October 1, 2010
Clarity:What Words Would I Use?
Write sentences for clarity!
English teachers aim at this.And then, know more words everyday: five, ten, oras many as you like.That will be good for memory work.
I love words.I have tried to invent and explore their meanings.There were times I used one word again and again. Tongue exercise, memory exercise, and playing with words were just fun for me.Iremind my students about this.
1. Remember the Kiss Theory in writing a sentence: “Keep it simple stupid.” (Sorry for the negative word, but that is the acronym.)
Perhaps, we all come to this mistake.As no one can be grammar-perfect, editing and reviewing texts are reminders how one can make better sentences.
2. Adjectives and adverbs must be used appropriately and as needed in creating picture words.This applies when using the descriptive form of discourse (factual information in describing objects).
3. Oftentimes, wordiness is just awkwardness.Readers will find it easier when the texts are concis…