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Learning To Have Compassion

"When Cardinal Claudio Hummes reminded me about the poor, it entered my mind," said the new Pope (Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio after Pope Benedict XVI).

Literally the poor means the underprivileged, the destitute or broke. Being poor specifically associates to no assets and no money.

Have you ever been poor? Others would not be humble enough to accept such condition while others would use the condition to be lazy. Neither condition is helpful to growth.

Learning to have compassion?

It is tracing the roots. Where are you from? Who are your friends? How is your community molded?

When I was a little girl, my father always brought me with him visiting some poor relatives. I was proud because we had some money, but I felt sorry having touched the way other relatives lived. Those cans of biscuits, my father shared, were distributed to some cousins and friends faraway town, where some had married young and unable to finish school. When mother's had breasts sucked for milk, right in fron…

Me. On January 27, 2015. Thanks be to GOD!