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Article Appeal

After sex appeal, it can be article appeal!

To sell an article in this new age of technology, work out on article appeal.

Newspapers, magazines and ezines will like that.

First, work on the title.

A dull caption will never get attention, but should be changed to a crisply informative subject. It will never attract eyes that can scan fast.

If the article title is vague some readers will leave the topic out.People are interested with various subjects that will entertain and inform. Assume that readers are not dummies. Every reader needs update and fresh ideas. They will take topics that are fresh and full.

Work on human touch and let the manner of texts be easy and natural leading to more thoughts and benefits.


1. When writing for a newspaper, attack the real interest of the subject at once.
2. The opening like the title must show that the article has something to offer the reader.
3. The middle paragraphs must support the lead paragraph with exact information.
4. Omit pretentious language.
5. Plain words are better than grand phrases.

When I started writing, I thought highfalutin words will make the article sell. But no! The pompous language just makes the article pretentious and unprofessional. Real journalists are not showing off. They want authentic stories and facts that will answer reader's questions or make readers learn something.

Way back, I also tried to fill up information by lengthening words and adjectives. It was horrible. I found out, that it was like lying to myself and cheating the readers. Unnecessary words can never substitute for facts. Otherwise, dig more into the story.

To end the article, do not disappoint the readers. Deliver the article promise in the title, and make a firm conclusion.

Here are four distinct types of articles. See how they work.

1. The informative article collects enough information and needs research. Nowadays, editors expect writers to go out, ask questions and find new flavour that readers want.

2. The news special is a topical article designed to appear in the news columns. It usually draws attention to new trends. It is keenly factual and not interpretative.

For example: The Latest Gardening Techniques
Gadgets Now: New Sensors

3. The psychological article helps the reader think about something interesting and useful. Here, the writer strives to make something intimate. The writer need not be an expert, but keen on the subject so an average reader or any reader can take leisurely, but ponderously.

For example: Tips to a Happy Marriage
How to Be a Successful Leader

4. The seasonable article is easy to write. There are different occasions all year round. Magazines and ezines are waiting for this blast! Usually, events are talked for days and even months, and another article keeps coming in. Check calendars for events and celebrations. Some writers submit ahead. Some writers make a review. In any way, the write up can be acceptable as long as it is not outdated.

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How To Develop A Reputation As A Credible Author

How To Develop A Reputation As A Credible Author
By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez

Being a good writer is not just writing a paper and getting an A. It is not just being published one time, read one time, or trying a manuscript one time. "It is hard labor," that truth in Eliot I have always remembered in my Literary Criticism subject under Professor Campomanes.

As for me, aside from my daily grind of life, I have discovered my bones as a writer. My life is embedded in what I have learned from time and finding solace and inspiration in my work as tasks I could share. I find my work challenging and excruciating, too, like something you just can't leave or not do. I can leave all others, but not writing because it sustains my existence and my communication with the Divine. I don't assume anything I'd get from it, but as I find it so comforting, it brings me bliss and all inside of me, bursting like foam of clouds and fire from heaven. Of course, my younger days were over, when I got big payments. Now is pay back time, in whatever deal of simplicity as a common worker, I must assume a better purpose while I still can.


Join writing seminars and workshops.

Be an expert in your field, if you aren't a writer by profession. You must be an expert in your niche.

Read a lot. At least, read an article from a magazine or ezine and a story from a good book or blog.

Be a student or brainstorm with other writers, teachers, and experts.

Learn from good authors and learn to share factual information and inspiring ideas.

Know how to observe and listen attentively.

Write the truth without fear.

Relate to facts that are truthful to life and be ready with statistics or proof, if needed.

In fiction, whatever the theme, some lessons are necessary. The readers will feel it in their hearts and understand the light you spread in words.

You are good as your last article or story. You must not stop, if you really want to be a serious writer.

Be prompt in submission to editors, teachers, and co-writers, among others. Beat deadlines.

Humility is very important. In fact, the better authors and the best writers are those who bleed and labor, in completion of their writing endeavor.

Join a network of credible editors, authors, teachers, students and more writers.

When I started writing, I was just a naive housewife, but I endured. I lived my days and nights in mind, with nothing but what I'd write. I lived my stories real as my flesh, real as
where I am now, and pleading to God that something divine might come day by day.

Today, I know what my bones are made of in the beautiful chance that God gave to me.

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