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What To Do If Your Goal Is Denied

If you want something fulfilled, you have to believe and seek the possibilities of your goal and dream. You have to face every challenge, seek for improvement, and work your ass hard enough. You have to row without stopping even in storm, and hike peaks even if the earth shakes. You have to sweat a lot, bleed a vein, or even die for your dreams. Think of the people who support you and help you get on with the goal. At least, be ashamed because they put their trust in you though how small you may be in this universe. Go on. Just go on while time ticks. Success comes to people who don't stop. It is not an instant win as in a gamble, but it is built brick by brick. No matter what obstacles surge, each person must continue to meet an end. The small attempts of trying to accomplish a purpose are already small successes. They become part of the big goals. Among others, check these people who did not give up: Abraham Lincoln
Patrick Henry
Joanne of Arc
Bill Gates
Albert Einstein