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How to Write a Quiz for Your English Students

The teacher writes a quiz to see how students fare. Did they get the lesson? What did they learn? Usually, the quiz, like homework evaluates the student's performance or what was retained in their recall. When writing a quiz for your English students always keep in mind that they could, at least, make one good sentence. The quiz can either be an objective type or a short essay type. Give away scores, so the students will get inspired. The quiz must be based on the past lessons and their reserved knowledge. Here are examples. Lesson: Parts of Speech 1. You can ask them to identify an italicized word. By the end of the semester, I will be a good speaker.
Identify by and good. By is a preposition. Good is an adjective. The connection between grammar rules and writing makes sense.
Identify between and makes. Between is a preposition. Makes is a verb. 2. You can ask them to choose the correct answer. Joe and (I, myself) attended the annual picnic. I is the correct answer. After he had (…

Writing a Draft of an Article

First drafts are exciting materials. They come in various forms and styles like shapes and colors. They come like experiences as falling in love, getting a job, struggling and succeeding. In all forms, they spark some light for a better manuscript. Drafts are words that grow more words and ideas.

At most, you must have a theme. Choose a theme. Achieve to write about what you know and believe to spark readers' attention.

Gather the details. You can do research, get an interview or make a survey. Choose only relevant information especially those that can contribute to the lead paragraph (answer the question words what, when, where, how).

What is your purpose? Are you sharing information? Are you sharing experience? Assess your audience. Assume, however, that you are writing for a general audience, as in a composition class. Unless you are geared to a more specifically defined group, direct your articles to the general readership.

Have a plot or make an outline. To make it easier fo…