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June 28, 2014. My Journal Notebook. Of The Sacred Heart

Last night, I woke up at 2 AM.  It was horrible.  I remembered how people left and died.  I don't want to remember the memories.   Though lessons and wisdom have been learned, the pain seems to be unending.  But then, life is like that.  Everyone has to come and go. Troubles and trials shall pass, too.  And the earth will always spin.   You and I have to stand the tests so those who will follow us will learn and be brave.   Now, blue clouds glide slowly.  The sky is clear.  I wish my supplication will become a rifle penetrating the clouds. Of course, God will understand that.  I want the angels to see us here.  May we learn of heaven's small and big miracles.  Of the Sacred Heart; we find comfort and joy now and forever.