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Why Personal Appearances Are Only Half the Game

Who's the real beauty?

What's ugly?

Today society speaks of beauty as goodness, while ugliness is deemed as being unkind and beastly selfish.

It is very clear and evident that whats good and kind is beautiful, and what's selfish and unkind is ugly.

This can't be word play because the meaning is clear as crystal: what is good, what is charitable, what is discipline, among others. Independence is not being a burden to anyone, yet with it is built a strong foundation of strength for the others. No man is an island, we have to be beautiful for each other.

As we were made by God, we are way above the animals. We are even elevated by intellect and speech, to become good stewards for the earth and every being. We are all supposed to be beautiful, as each is endowed a special gift of brilliance. What could you share? How would you scatter your light?

At work, each has a special color that glows, a halo of an angel on earth that serves. Some wouldn't see them, but those wi…

Basic Rules of Society: Don't Be A Mean Guy

How could we tell others "Don't be a mean guy"?

(Guy in this article signifies men and women of all ages.)

If we'd do that some would throw back negative words in return, some would be in a stage of denial, and some would say "Yes," and that is right.

Life matters to most of us, but in a society full of concerns, there are times, we forget to be good to others. We forget we have to be prudent, we forget to be humble and must serve and love each other. That happens often.

I do not write this article to glorify myself. I am writing the articles to stir thoughts, I pray for good thoughts and positive acts for everyone.

Most of the time I look up to old people who have lived meaningful lives. I try to profit from the good things they had done, and I try not to do the negative actions that might happen again. I am aware that when people grow old, they grow with grace, with love, and with wisdom. They have lived for others like their families, friends, workplace…

Gracian: A Pocket Oracle

The words of the sages are chants for life. There are those who make a list, and that is why we have sacred books. People of older times made sure we would be getting something. Now, it is our turn to make the scripts to pass on. It is a good habit to make a list like Franklin, like Socrates, like Lawrence, like Og Mandino, or Gracian. Memory can falter, and that is why there's a lot in history to be written. These books and words will become worthwhile tools, guides, and wisdom in the present time and the succeeding generations to come.

Check out the list/oracles of Baltasar Gracian from the book "The Art of Wordly Wisdom."

1. Always deal with people of principle.

Thought: People who are gullible are dangerous to be with. You cannot trust them. Those who could not deem loyalty to God and to a sacred promise are without backbones and could not even defend his family and friends, nor his community. He could even betray himself/herself.

2. Be righteous and firm.

Thought: …

Birds, Black Swan and Ducks

"The Black Swan" garners 5 academy award nominations: best picture, best actress, best director, best cinematography, and best film editing. The movie, in this season, is the talk of popular culture.

Natalie Portman wins Best Actress, and Darren Aronofsky wins Best Director. It also gets the Best Ensemble Screen Actor's Guild nomination.

Many viewers comment that the story comes so sad.

Wenzi, a young professional says, " The after-effect feeling got a grip."

Macmac, a trader says, "It is a true work of art."

A. The plot is a drama-thriller that shows more symbolism. Focusing on the feather that grows from the body, twitching sizes, colors, and scenes freeze a picture in the mind creating an effect of something real and felt. The self-touching, some blood drip, and the sex play are not growls, but rightly built in the story. They flow naturally and artful. The cutting of the nails gives the severe effect on some scenes showing a dilemma in the charac…

How I Met Some Good Workers

College /University life is another leap for a student. Here you were young, supple, and started to explore what the world lays before your eyes. This article intends to highlight those people who in their own small and big way become inspiration to others.

I am a Roman Catholic, and had attended youth groups in high school (neighbourhood and school) that focused on my Catholic life. Back in college/university it was different. My classmates and I came from different corners of the earth.

I had my friends, not because of religion, status, or looks, but because we shared the same dreams and that was to graduate. Most of my closest friends were honor candidates and scholars, yet the others have failing grades, too. However, in all these differences we believed in each other and we made sure each one would be accomplishing a goal. Our ideas clashed and sometimes we believed differently, as in a family, but after some brain squeezing we bonded as one again.

As to religion, one best frien…