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A Blessed 2016!

December 31, 2015
Hi - My muse can’t wait any longer.  I have to write before the year (2015) ends; and so to welcome 2016! After doing my slides in 2014 and doing a project for the “I Share Community” on blogs (digital art), I wasn’t able to write again.  Until the Pope (Pope Francis I) came for a visit in the Philippines in January, until my vacation in Caramoan in February, until the house chores in March, the tree cutting in April on the yard, and the processing of documents since May till December; my muse has sat quietly and only scrutinized my way of life. 2015 has gone so fast and sleek in God’s provision.
Life is full of tests, a box of chocolates and a firm resolve of hope.  I am glad to meet new people along the way, face to face and online, familiar and unfamiliar communities, children and adults, government and non-government workers, babies and seniors, among others.
“Noblesse oblige”; the weight of duty:  My highlights are the government offices.  There is still red tape, sl…

Maroon Five


The Adverbs

On November 7, 2015

Sometimes there are just things you don't understand

and  just can't explain  how things happen

Sometimes you just want to know

how matter or atoms collide;  and  raise a question about a lightning bolt

Often history repeats itself and your memory shines

like billboards in the sky; it reminds you of Moses

of Socrates, of Zeus, and those gods of  myth.

Always, the world would ask about technology, and how it works

searching for new inventions and cure

There is a thin line between fiction and truth

because when you write, your work becomes your world

and others will never understand that

and you can't explain how why and when that happens.

rosevoc. november 7, 2015

Learning To Use Your Imagination

At the moment I am too rational. As I am too rational, I become rigid and seriously focused on what I am doing, like work in the office, objective tests, exact figures, and editing manuscripts. However, as I am a writer I need to be creative. I need to play. My playground and my rendezvous is the blank page. When you have read a lot and made thinking as a hobby, you will learn how to associate ideas quickly. You will see the sky as a vast board of the earth; the lake, a cup; stars and moon as pins or necklace; or you as my lover. You will imagine things far beyond your reach or draw images in paper to enchant, inform, entertain, be understood or share some fun; maybe magnify some purpose and God. It is nice to be silly sometimes, or to shed sorrow, or rage. Words would always welcome if you value their presence and pass them on for all to link and love. Words give light. They show pictures. The German Schiller wrote, "Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales told to me in my ch…

In October 2015. A blessed day all! Mwahs!


On October 25. When You Love

When you love someone your world will not end

You will continuously be seeking new things to discover

In your mind will be zeal

In your body, life

In your mind,  light

In your heart, joy

All these, are pleasing to the Father

who endows you His blessings

every new day!

my baby doing it like he suppose to true love pictures

Good morning!

What To Do If Your Goal Is Denied

If you want something fulfilled, you have to believe and seek the possibilities of your goal and dream. You have to face every challenge, seek for improvement, and work your ass hard enough. You have to row without stopping even in storm, and hike peaks even if the earth shakes. You have to sweat a lot, bleed a vein, or even die for your dreams. Think of the people who support you and help you get on with the goal. At least, be ashamed because they put their trust in you though how small you may be in this universe. Go on. Just go on while time ticks. Success comes to people who don't stop. It is not an instant win as in a gamble, but it is built brick by brick. No matter what obstacles surge, each person must continue to meet an end. The small attempts of trying to accomplish a purpose are already small successes. They become part of the big goals. Among others, check these people who did not give up: Abraham Lincoln
Patrick Henry
Joanne of Arc
Bill Gates
Albert Einstein

Work of Art Links

The oldest art examples found on the walls of the caves, were interpreted and used in connecting people - culture, heaven - earth, life- death, time- space, GOD - man. These connections come with rituals and magical ceremonies many thousands of years ago, and had been improved as part of fine art. These paintings, lines, forms, and signs express and communicate life.

Art was developed on a grand scale by the Ancient Egyptians. The Sphinx, the Pharaohs, their structures, some of which still survive today. In about 600 BC the Greeks produced realistic statues of human form, Romans followed the Greek tradition, and during the Romanesque and Gothic periods sculpture used wood as a basic material. One of the greatest changes in art was brought about by French artist Rodin who used sculpture as form of portraiture and to capture movement. The tendency of modern sculpture is towards the abstract. Majority of public art is sculpture. Many sculptures are laid in the garden and parks that usua…

How To Write Creative Literature

Good literature stands the test of time. Writers, unaware of being called creative writers cannot just stop writing at this. Let me share about writing, not as a creative writer, but as one writer like the rest of us and one writer who earns the right to represent her own experiences in her work (Paul Horgan). Creative writing is a gift you never have to ask for, it is something embedded in your life. As you would not like the events or that gift of grieving, it happens as you write, as you live and as you work. It is there. You share a memory of that season, of that place in your heart because it haunts your brain. And when you don't do that and write about that, you feel empty or incomplete as though, it is only writing that mattered in your life and in that vocation is a responsibility, "noblesse oblige" (to act with honor). How could you produce creative literature? Write from the heart. Write with all your soul and with all your might! Of course, you have to find o…

On September 4, 2015

I've been missing my writing....

My muse prods me many times at different moments trying to get hold of my hands and thoughts.  I know it is essential for me, but at this time thoughts have to compartmentalize.  The attempts are  mix of emotions; happy, sad, longing, sometimes still horrible because of isolation, but then, I have to secure myself of a new laptop.  I know God will give me one.

May God bless those I love and those I promise my love.  And even my enemies.  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we trust and love You.  Come Holy Spirit!

/rosevocations 2015

Truth: On Emerson's Quote

"God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please you can never have both." Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Repose in this context could be leisure, dormancy or any comfort zone.

Leisure is the favorite word of lazy people. They opt for easier solutions that wouldn't entail stretching of muscles. They desist responsibilities, pass on work, and do a lot of talking and putting on a friendly face.

Dormancy is inaction. The dead lies quietly and steadily in the coffin. Total rest is for the dead, as work is for the living. Time moves life, and there is no best choice but to move forward. God makes us, in different places of the world see the beauty that lies around.

Comfort zones are good, but then life's zest is facing challenges and pruning communities. Comfort zones are good, for some time of hydrating the bodies. There is no discovery in the comfort zones, but to rest for a while, then leap the next day.

Emerson says "The pers…

Society And Mythology

Every society has mythology as its principal part of stories in its earlier phases of development. The language is metaphorical. Poets love mythology because mythology deals with divine beings. For example: The myth of Prometheus (the Titan who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind) gives to Shelley that attracts him to the myth rather than to a contemporary social theme.

Northrop Frye in his paper about "Nature and Myth" says that a myth, in its simplest and most normal significance, is a certain kind of story, generally about a god or other divine being. Myths in this sense are associated with primitive cultures.

According to studies, myths tend to stick together and form a mythology (body of stories associated with culture), whereas folktales simply travels over the world interchanging their motifs and themes. Legends are more photo historical in reference. It is an easy-going form of tradition, before there is general demand for history conceived as the study o…

A List of Virtues

People have different ways to improve their habits and goals. Success-oriented people and leaders to be motivated make their own list, like Benjamin Franklin and DH Lawrence.

In fact, it was noted that Benjamin Franklin made a table with seven columns to check the habits everyday. At the end of the list, Benjamin realized that faults were sometimes, so much to find, but then afterward he became happy to see the faults diminish.

In an essay that Benjamin Franklin wrote containing about these habits, which he believed were virtues he also cited precepts. As he tried them, he recorded which virtue/habit he fulfilled and that which he missed.

Also, DH Laurence listed his choices of his own good habits. It sparked from the writings of Benjamin that Lawrence wrote his list. Some writers agree that DH Lawrence is the presence of the mind passionately at work while doing his list. Lawrence frees his muse strikingly attractive, defines spontaneously his words, and finds rhythm in his temper. …

How Online Classes Work

An Online Class is a class using the internet. It can be any tutorial class, a conversation class, or an ESL class, among others. Usually, those who get online classes are students and/or professionals who can't find a convenient schedule and /or are saving on travel time due to other important concerns like other work schedules.

How does this work?

There are accredited schools and qualified and experienced freelance teachers offering their services online. In some cases, referrals are necessary for the payment and the quality of expertise the teacher can deliver.

In a Basic Grammar class for example, an online class is supposed to have what a regular class can offer. If the teacher has taught a Basic Grammar class for years, of course, he/she knows exactly what to give the students. If the teacher has taught English in a Language Center, then the teacher with his/her years of teaching experience can teach the language online. Materials must be updated. Reading texts must be fres…

I Shall Write You


On June 3, 2015. Come My Muse!

Let me write.

Come my muse!

What A Deepest Sympathy Letter Might Be

I couldn’t write this letter. I wouldn’t write this deepest sympathy letter. I’d rather not. Why would you let the agonizing person know how sad things are? Why would you focus on his/her miseries instead of cheering up? A prayer would go well for this kind of situation. The person would be happy knowing you would join him/her in prayer. But be sure to do this prayer promise, or else, you will be judged for fooling people saying you’d pray for them. No one wrote to us when my Dad died. My mother wouldn’t understand. Neither could I. Maybe, had we got one, it’ll add to our misery. And though how kind the words in the letter might be, it will still cut like a knife. And though it is appreciated, I would soon forget it for sympathy can never be fully expressed by mentioning it repeatedly. Sympathy becomes complete only by sitting beside someone in quietness. It is also realized in a prayer, and prayer, and more prayers. I could remember, in my younger days how it was like a parade when …

The Basic Rules of Writing

The Basic Rules of Writing The basic rule of writing is to make a clear sentence. That one basic rule embodies more rules that include basic grammar rules, thought building, and a way to communicate or express oneself in a language. Knowing grammar entails being familiar with the parts of speech: noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection. Each part of speech embodies a set of rules, as to how each part should coordinate with the other parts of speech in writing a sentence. A sentence is written, and analyzed as to idea, construction, or style. Different languages display various basic sentence patterns, like the English language. When a child, words are learned from the foundations of vocabulary building and thought building. Later, many forms of literature are available. So this one basic rule is easy, as it is hard. Remember the Kiss Theory, “Keep it simple stupid.” Sorry for the negative connotation, but that word was emphasized to make us r…

How To Write Objectively On A Controversial Topic

Journalism is writing objectively. You need significant and primary data to write articles. A controversial topic is somewhat unsafe to write or the writer might turn out to be scandalous, or be charged with libel. Columnists are experts on these controversial topics like politics, law, economic trends, societal issues, government foibles, and current events issues, among others. They know which techniques to use. Also, the editorial page of newspapers says a lot and explains on such issues. Before you can write about the controversial issues, you have to study the topic thoroughly, like present enough evidence, conduct an updated research and interview. Moreover, go into investigative journalism. The positive (advantages) and negative (disadvantages) sides must be noted in detail and comprehensively. Beware of gossip, this will demerit your credibility. The writer (journalist/reporter), who delivers authentic facts is standing on a strong ground. If the readers find out, or the edit…

How To Develop A Reputation As A Credible Author

Being a good writer is not just writing a paper and getting an A. It is not just being published one time, read one time, or trying a manuscript one time. "It is hard labor," that truth in Eliot I have always remembered in my Literary Criticism subject under Professor Campomanes. As for me, aside from my daily grind of life, I have discovered my bones as a writer. My life is embedded in what I have learned from time and finding solace and inspiration in my work as tasks I could share. I find my work challenging and excruciating, too, like something you just can't leave or not do. I can leave all others, but not writing because it sustains my existence and my communication with the Divine. I don't assume anything I'd get from it, but as I find it so comforting, it brings me bliss and all inside of me, bursting like foam of clouds and fire from heaven. Of course, my younger days were over, when I got big payments. Now is pay back time, in whatever deal of simplici…

The Proverbs. On Moral Lessons and Story Summaries

Many stories tell about kindness, love for work, and the perils of being lazy. In different parts of the world, children grow up learning these stories from grandparents, relatives, helpers, and of course, the school and church. Children get very excited every time they hear these stories. From these stories, they extract life's lessons quite easily. Good manners and right conduct are the writer's evident highlights in literature, especially those that children read. Stories must be positively interpreted. Ponder upon these Proverbs and take a folktale, fable or parable as examples. Chapter 6.10-11 Let me sleep a little longer!
Sure, just a little more!
And as you sleep, poverty creeps upon you like a robber and destroys you; want attacks you in full armor. Folktale: The Lazy Boy Juan Once, Juan was asked by his mother to buy some crabs. Because he was so lazy and stupid, he told the crabs "I feel so sleepy. I'd rather sleep here under the tree. All of you crabs just w…

Kids Are The Most Interesting Part Of Life

A Blessed Monday!

Kids are the most interesting part of life.  
They let you see that life must be treated with compassion and care.  
They make brave choices.  
They ask for what they want and say thank you.  
They know what they cannot have because you tell them.  
They make you happy.  
It's like magic when you are with them and God makes sure  His joy is revealed in that moment of grace.

Marco and Me.rosevoc2

How to Get Over the Past. Set New Goals

The past can be happy, but there are times we just can't forget what put us down. Those times when we lost someone, left by someone, or didn't fulfill a goal, are audios that couldn't be broken, and journals that couldn't be torn. Needles come pricking windows of our past. There's still that throbbing pain, and a scar that couldn't be erased by surgery. How do we move on? The question is: Are we alive or dead? If we're dead, then we rest with God. If we're alive, then we hope in Him. Nothing is perfect in this world, but love. Love comes from God, and no matter our trials and pain, God sees how we suffer, how we cry, and how we could have been better. If we sinned, we could ask for a sorry. Sorry God, I will try to be better this time. If we have been indifferent, sorry God, I will try to act and share this time, though how little or big. And if we've always won, thank you God for all the gifts and success. I will serve others more and share what t…

I Shall Play


Saint Joseph of Nazareth

To be a good parent is a great duty for all of mankind. It must be like a tree steadfastly planted by God to bear good fruits or holy workers. The children succeed their parents, in every generation in all nations of the earth, fit to be worthy and molded for God's ways and truth. Nothing is lost in life, if parents always tried hard to raise, support, and love their children in honest obedience to God's commandments. Saint Joseph of Nazareth is the foster father of Jesus. He is the husband of Mary. We call Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, the Holy Family. Saint Joseph is a carpenter, never quoted in the Bible, but divinely chosen to take care of the Virgin Mary. He is also the patron of the universal church, carpenters, fathers and social justice. Saint Joseph's humble, but decent work sustained God's Son, Jesus; and finally brought Jesus in obedience to God's will, take life's cross, and saving in one love, all God's children. Saint Joseph is my hero. Back then,…




DUTY For pnp-saf (44 heroes)

You claimed your duty when I asked for your promise. A maze runner in the nameless wild,
you dazed territories for defense.  Like a full moon, your eyes was a panther’s.  Like fire,
your spirit, fierce.   Valour clothe you, a pledge of obedience.  44 silent guns amidst legends!
44 silent guns, a tact of bravery!  44 true roars, a successful kill!  Rest the endless wind of Spirit!
In the charred terrains, after an immense duty - Be there immaculate.   Elsewhere is Holy. 

/rosevoc2.feb 5, time 1.35 PM

How To Keep Your Writing Ideas Fresh

How do articles catch the reader's attention? How do writers present interesting stories and facts? Do the ideas present something of light? Are they startling? Are they challenging?

Below are parameters how articles should be written.

Ideas can be presented in many ways. Find a new angle how to tell the story. Keen observation and common sense are needed to make the ideas look larger than just ideas, so they become guidelines to improve life and stuff.

Great ideas come from some special attention to those close at hand. Try to present everyday matters in a fresh angle like relating it to present trends, present news, society, fashion, and food among others. See the problems around, give some pointers or tips how to help and make things better. Also, check on jobs, activities, business, home matters, events, or significant contemporary issues.

Then start boldly without any unnecessary preliminaries. Show the reader that there's a purpose in the story or article.

Check the Hol…

On January 29, 2015

Last night, I have been thinking how these policemen died. News, witnesses, and our sentiments cry for justice – but no one really knew how they bled in the encounter. My words could not even sketch how in their last breath raised their guns and crawled to save each other.They were at work and willed to serve while they worked.Nothing mattered, but their service to God and men.When someone dies, in his thoughts is only God, in his thoughts is only one good act for everyone or of service for the good of the multitude.Were they abandoned by leaders? How could this be, when leaders are supposed to collaborate or help each other?Why this wrong timing, all this mess, and fucking shit?


You at the Center

You at the Center
You, at the center,  appease my fright A kid’s heart, at that Like a hand that reaches from a slope Like flesh that waits a hug Like a father eager for a kiss.
You have always loved me And my needing self My asking self My stubborn self.
My endearment of you makes you want me even more
My grit surprises you, my aches, my glory
You are my home, builder of my ruins
As I am your falling star Your rising stars, your one darling, You never doubt my love.
You, at the center, appease my heart.
Halos on your head, fill me tenacity Lights of your promises, empower me vitality
You, at the center, appease my heart One Sacred Heart, my Lord  and my God – Don’t leave me.

/rosevoc2.january 28 2015