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let the lord open my lips and sing praises to my GOD

good morning

daily tribune, 2009

By Rose Flores -Martinez, Contributor


“The population is growing and more people are being brought together in one place. More people work, we spend more time in public places, and so we end up sharing more common surfaces now. The transfer of infectious virus may readily occur between inanimate and animate objects, or vice versa, and between two separate fomites (inanimate objects that transmit infectious organisms from one person to another, such as towels, toys, dishes, etc.). Plus our lives are busier, so we spend less time cleaning,” explains Dr. Chuck Gerba, also known as the “Germ Doctor” and a professor of environmental microbiology in University of Arizona.

What do we worry about these fomites? GERMS. Germs are around us. And while we eat for nourishment, so must we be taking care to keep ourselves away from sickness.

“The hand-washing with soap habit is the most cost-effective health antigen,” asserts Sen. Richard Gordon, chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross …
The Swine flu virus can be traveling, and everyone has to take necessary precautions.

Of course, one doesn't have to be paranoid like the spinster who smells antiseptic, but just clean and away from germs!

In the early stages of our lives we bath on flowing rivers, and falls. Now, we also love these beaches. Truly, our bodies need to be clean, safe, and healthy to meet the daily demands of work and stress.

In our homes and in schools, we tell our children to wash their hands - before eating (meals) and after using the toilet. We also wash fruits and vegetables before eating them. Washing is being clean, and being clean is being away from diseases.

Remember that cleanliness is next to Godliness? And when the high priests and state leaders washed their hands to show they are free from guilt?

Even Christianity depicts about "Lavabo," which connotes about washing and innocence.

A noted Germ doctor, Chuck Gerba points out, "The person who cleans the toilet has the cleanest han…

saturday, may2

the movie upload "soloist" is disgusting

the trailer looks hilarious, but then - the story ends up too shalow

i thought it was an artist, or a journalist story - but it was more of a hospital story

it showed a mental and autistic patient who looked older than his mother

i was waiting for a climax, but there wasnt any highest point

actually, it didnt have any relevance and pondering feelings

it's yucky with all that mental patient and the orchestra

best audience are mental patients and doctors

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. 'wasted time