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On February 5. Love Notes And Candies

"Writing love notes," some say "...are for high school students." Way back in time, inside candy wrappers were love and caring notes: "Kiss me, I miss you, I love you... and a lot more." They're chocolates, hard candies, mints, sour balls and mallows everyone loves to eat.

But did you know that even adults are fascinated with these love-note craze? It's the same attending a wedding reception and everyone in the party becomes excited from the notes in the cake flowers, like "You'll soon meet your prince charming," or " Next week prepare for a romantic dinner."

Some teenagers use candy wrappers to make scribbles and give to friend, designed with stickers and with real candies and chocolates.

Loot bags come filled with messages and notes of specialized posters given during parties both for the young kids and the Mommy's. These are packages that culminate a gathering and occasions.

How to write love notes and mak…