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On September 28, 2016. What To Be Thankful For

I haven't written for more than a month now and I only wrote one article in August.  Sucks... Perhaps I have to do a lot of reading to get interesting ideas.

Last Sept 4th was my birthday and I have discovered that I am aging, close to seniority, which I thank God for, keeping me in His care.  I thank those who have remembered me, far and near.  I ask God's blessings for those in my heart and their intentions.  I pray for everyone.

I know there are lots of stuff to do, though my hazy schedules because last year's project was one of the hardest since I am not used to doing that kind of work, but earning more than a little of my professional fee or stipend.  Thanks to my Mom and Dad (RIP).

Life becomes amazing with the people you love.  In whatever age or time, the meaning of life glistens in God's design and providence.  Troubles come like small fights or war, but when all else settles peace is renewed as fresh as dawn and day.

God's care, as those around us will h…