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Reading Skill: A Critical Mind

Reading Skill: A Critical Mind

No one can’t just junk reading! It is an imperative skill. With the latest technology and communication channels like, “The Google Reader and Yahoo Updates” among others, reading skill prompts the global world. Progress requires a global literacy where people can understand, help each other.

Reading, as a presumed skill gives information and entertainment. All subjects and transactions are reading-based. We cannot just say, “I am idle today,” or “Reading doesn’t interest me,” or “I can’t understand and I have no time,” these are tempting excuses of people who couldn’t leave comfort zones. The skill only requires practice, like any other skill. It is normal to ‘not understand’ some texts or topics when you read, but what matters is try to read: once, twice, or even again and again. That habit will help you become a good reader.

From an award–winning recommended film titled “The Reader,” which stars Kate Winslet (Rose in Titanic), the movie show…