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Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, We Trust in You

When darkest hours fall and you don't know what to do, you will find out who you really are. You will discover how frail your body needs warmth and how you would seek to see God, face to face. And beyond all your attempts, no one will satisfy your heart's yearning but the Holy Spirit sustaining you strength and the Father's care. God's love, grace and mercy will fill your heart and you will rise again, steadfast as a rock.

Peter was entrusted, John was entrusted, Mary and Joseph, among others, pulled off responsibilities.

In the daily course of events, you are endowed with so many gifts and blessings from heaven and around. Even those trials and challenges are means to get you moving, creating, serving. So you are given a task, and here God himself supports your endeavours. Life is beautiful. It is adorned with mystery, risk, and success. The paths are many and the freedom to choose and decide, make you whole with a duty of a vocation like any good worker.

In my most …