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One Heart, One Love

one, heart, love, you, real love, prayer

My heart sees, feels, hears imagines, suspects, penetrates, divines all. My love summons all attentions so that each of its passions had a magic power proper to it. One heart, one love, one love is you.

You’re going somewhere, far … You’re a great man, you know how to profit by every phase of fortune and I’m happy for that. It is not fair though, that you have to go to a foreign land to work, away. Yet, circumstances call for it. Your sincerity of purpose is sufficient : for others.

You will be missed, so much, and that’s right, too. Sometimes separation could be a way to finding something.

You are blessed, lucky as they say, for your faith. Faith in which others put the meaning of life into prayer, a gift of one’s self.

It is difficult to define love; all they say is that in the soul it is a desire to rule, in the mind it is sympathy, and in the body it is a hidden and delicate wish to possess who we love – plus many mysteries. Nothing is so close …

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May the Spirit of the Lord guide me

We say that,

I pray that,

In everything I do.

For today, I will talk about FOOD

Food nourishes the body. It helps the body develop, grow, and build stamina. When you eat something, the body absorbs all that is taken and swallowed. Sea, mountain, soil, are endowed by GOD for men to have something to harvest and eat. Food is the primary basic need to satisfy and grow life.

However, food can also cause death. Little by little it can be poison. It doesn't matter whether it is cheap or expensive, what counts is: it should be good and nourishing the body. Spoiled food must be thrown. If you would crave for savings to store unsafe food, you would be spending more for medicine and hospitalization bills. Therefore, GOOD FOOD is already an investment of having sound body, mind, and spirit. Good food will make children grow lively, healthy, and smart.

Please take note of the following situations:


Last Sunday, I went for a walk to buy so…

Creative Nonfiction

I learned more about writing essays in the class of Sir Isagani Cruz. He was my professor in Creative Nonfiction. I thank God for this.

Today, I can write better articles for magazines and newspapers because of Sir Isagani, among others, and the kind editors who are helping me.

Way back, in the essays we wrote, Sir Ganni always reminded us that essays must be candid. I follow this rule, especially when I write my testimonies, journals, and letters/subjects to Vocation.

There are times I want to keep something, and not let go of the words, but then it comes to be a confession window. Truly, the pain of remembering lamentations and never letting go of sweet memories. When everything comes to be written, the memory shrinks and all that remains is the valued manuscript.

Now, I can teach my students how to write their own journals, because I'm very good at it. (Thank GOD!) I teach them how to write sentences,too. (The reminder to me of Ma'am Marjorie). Maybe, this will be my …

At the Temple

In Vietnam,

Bishops, priests, and brothers

gathered around the


And I,

alone on top of the temple -

T'was joy at twelve in the afternoon.

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I like Fridays

Friday, July 10, 2009

TGIF--- Thank GOD it's Friday because it is a weekend. Weekends are charging the batteries

Fridays are Sacred Heart days (The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Fridays are my free days - I feel free writing on these days, except when I get to sleep

Friday is a day when Jesus redeemed the world through His love manifesting on the Cross

Fridays are sometimes the days when I get scared, but I feel so excited because of surprises

Fridays used to be our Playwriting class with Sir Tony Perez at DLSU (MFA in Creative Writing). Oh yes, we experienced some night classes, with lights off, and we had to analyze aura's, and talk about characterization using the defenses of Freud. I remember singing, "All By Myself" in different notes and some of my classmates crying on their poems and songs... hahahaha. These experiences couldn't be forgotten. Thanks to Sir Perez

Fridays are usually the days I do not sleep because I read and write. On Fridays, our small house …

On Writing

I am happy that Sir Albert Casuga and Sir Isagani Cruz are feeding me with a lot of good reading materials

I understand it is free for all, and I am one of those who benefit from their expertise

A connection with another writer and/or respected writing professors is very important in a writers life

From here, the writer could see the writing world, as he attempts for a language, then craft and style. From here, he/she grows

Truly, writing is a solitary work. It requires a lot of courage, so one could write. It requires a lot of patience, so one could endure. It requires a lot of humility, so one would not prove anything, but show the strength of a subject
based on truth

When someone tells me he/she wants to be a writer (some students/even some professionals), I tell him "And why not? Anyone can write." But then... when one would be a writer - you don't get it too easily. You wouldn't even know you are one... only time and the fruit of labours would testify if you…

Reinventing Me


“The love of the body of a man or woman balks account, the body itself balks account. That of the male is perfect, and that of the female is perfect … I breathe the fragrance myself and know it and like it, the distillation would intoxicate me also, but I shall not let it.”

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Many of us wish to look beautiful. We desire to insert ourselves and leave a mark of impression so we could be remembered. In our encounters with life we always ask the questions, “ Who am I?” “How should I look?” “How do I imprint myself a picture that would let others remember me and my uniqueness?” These questions bother some of us, most of us, and oftentimes, these questions prod us that primal desire to change what nature has decided we should have.

With methods ranging from a mere cosmetic makeover to more exotic touches like body painting, tattooing, piercing or more drastic solutions like surgical augmentations, we try to become a new person, even if only superf…

Today is a Friday

Fridays are special for me

It zips working days to weekend excitements

I thought of many things today and wrote some letters - all of which liberates the pangs of my belief

Wise men say, there are 3 sides of an opinion: what I think, what others think, and what the TRUTH is. Well... if we would not speak, who would know? But sometimes, speaking is a shallow ground, unlike writing where profundity means to be shared to whoever would accept the intense flames that wake diffident consciousness

Thomas Merton, the brave monk, who writes about being unpopular but following Jesus is a good example of a humble servant

Responsibility and service must go with courage. Rules are set for order as in the academe, communities,and territories. Here shows civilized cultures away from the mountain people. Yet, we have exceptions to the rules that is why we have a justice system, wars, and collaboration of minds

Rules come as the need requires. They are made because somebody risked or gave something …