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Prayer on Hope Building up Communities

June 9, 2008

GOD with your Holy Spirit

Let us be zealous and persevering in work everyday
Serve one another
Let us hold hands and lift up neighbors -
Brothers and sisters in despair.

Let us feed the hurting bodies of the poor
Heal and cloth them, too
Let us hear the needing screams of the abused
Show justice and fairness to all.

Let us taste the joys of sharing
Breathe GODs breath of charity
Pray for holy priests and workers
Work together in peace;

That we would build GODs kingdom
Here on earth
Today and forever in Jesus,


Rose Vocations 2008


I’ve been to a lot of places today without leaving my chair. Gotcha! Got me! Of course, you know I just got online. I’ve been exploring this internet, this gift of technology while I can, given the chance through the collaboration of good workers and my time – right now.

Truly, a sea of information on the net. It’s unbelievable but it’s real! We have engines that drive cyberculture, new media, and digital arts; a layer of control and communication that penetrates lives and people.

First, I got to check on my blog, and the blogs that I follow. I’ve learn from “sharings.” Take note of your Religion and Homeroom subjects…LOL. I mean, I learn from “I Share.” Wow, this would make the world go round and progressing. Read, and scan, or close read – as you wish. Your wish is the command to your choices of knowledge. For example: having read Sir Albert Casuga’s pages – I went to Poemhunter, from Sir Isagani’s post, I went deeper into the academe, and now – Boing Boing Videos, and to…