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Learning To Use Your Imagination

At the moment I am too rational. As I am too rational, I become rigid and seriously focused on what I am doing, like work in the office, objective tests, exact figures, and editing manuscripts. However, as I am a writer I need to be creative. I need to play. My playground and my rendezvous is the blank page. When you have read a lot and made thinking as a hobby, you will learn how to associate ideas quickly. You will see the sky as a vast board of the earth; the lake, a cup; stars and moon as pins or necklace; or you as my lover. You will imagine things far beyond your reach or draw images in paper to enchant, inform, entertain, be understood or share some fun; maybe magnify some purpose and God. It is nice to be silly sometimes, or to shed sorrow, or rage. Words would always welcome if you value their presence and pass them on for all to link and love. Words give light. They show pictures. The German Schiller wrote, "Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales told to me in my ch…

In October 2015. A blessed day all! Mwahs!


On October 25. When You Love

When you love someone your world will not end

You will continuously be seeking new things to discover

In your mind will be zeal

In your body, life

In your mind,  light

In your heart, joy

All these, are pleasing to the Father

who endows you His blessings

every new day!

my baby doing it like he suppose to true love pictures

Good morning!