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Cuff A Criminal

How do you spot a thief? How do you know that someone has evil intentions? How can you know that the stranger over the phone is telling the truth?

“It’s gut feel,” says an experienced police officer. “Also, keen observation, by the movement of the hands, the way someone acts, through his mannerisms. That’s how you can tell that someone is in good or bad faith.”

Once in Quiapo (Philippines), two men boarded the bus Captain Fernandez ( a police officer who worked in Makati, City) was in. The police captain thought their faces were suspicious, so he became closely observant and cautious. He was not wrong in his hunch as those men later asked for the passengers’ jewelry. They didn’t get away with it though, as Capt. Fernandez got hold of them and turned them over to the precinct.

Years of experienced have honed policemen’s instincts for spotting trouble. The job requires them to be on the watch for antisocial conduct and to apprehend the offender as soon as possible. According to…