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Servant of the People

A priest is called to be a father of the Christian community. He is a special servant of God, his duty is to incarnate the love of God in his ministry to transform the people he serves in the family of God.

The world needs people who will preach the gospel, care for humanity, and celebrate the Eucharist. This work will be served by chosen people who will dedicate themselves totally and faithfully to God.

This 2009 - 2010 is the year of Priests. The laity is reminded to work together in accomplishing the goals of the church. Unity in prayer for priests and religious should form part of our lives so we could have more servants of the people who would sacrifice to help us become better persons and live in morally upright and happy communities.

As a priest, Fr. Jose P. Dizon serves God by serving the poor. In the context of Philippine society, priesthood entails being part of social transformation. Preaching the gospel would mean working for justice.

Ordained in 1973 during Martial Law, he sa…