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I Shall Write Blog

This blog, my blog "I Shall Write" has been frozen for some days. I had to attend to many things and just couldn't discipline myself to have some time to write.

Please take note of my captured images:

1. I saw the senior citizens, some GSIS pensioners lining up for their DELAYED pension. They were asking what is still due them, "To Ceasar what is due to Ceasar!" Of course, they've worked (or another relative)and paid for it, the government should give to the people what they've work for in their lives. The senior citizen, where one of them could be our mother or father - deserves this benefit. It was a very pitiful sight at the GSIS senior citizens desk. How could we expect they could pay their electric bills, buy their medicines, and eat three times a day? A responsible government must take care of this matter.

2. Some people could be too rude. Even professionals. GMRC which means Good Manners and Right Conduct should be taught in schools a…