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On Writing

I am happy that Sir Albert Casuga and Sir Isagani Cruz are feeding me with a lot of good reading materials

I understand it is free for all, and I am one of those who benefit from their expertise

A connection with another writer and/or respected writing professors is very important in a writers life

From here, the writer could see the writing world, as he attempts for a language, then craft and style. From here, he/she grows

Truly, writing is a solitary work. It requires a lot of courage, so one could write. It requires a lot of patience, so one could endure. It requires a lot of humility, so one would not prove anything, but show the strength of a subject
based on truth

When someone tells me he/she wants to be a writer (some students/even some professionals), I tell him "And why not? Anyone can write." But then... when one would be a writer - you don't get it too easily. You wouldn't even know you are one... only time and the fruit of labours would testify if you…