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At The Juncture

At the Juncture

An informal definition of a juncture is when things come together, and there is a connection, then one must act wisely. Literally, it is some point in time where a critical decision must be made. A crisis.

Crisis from the same root makes the word “cross,” is simply being in a situation where a decision has to be made – like standing at a crossroad. Some people cope very well in crisis. They know which road is the best and march along it with confidence. Still some people just can’t do anything. By doing either nothing or the wrong thing, they make the crisis worse.

Here are self-help tips from different people in all walks of life:

1. Don’t rush.

Awareness is the key. See the outcome in your mind and take responsibility of your actions. Pray for wisdom the Holy Spirit gives. Prioritize life over money. Move forward, honestly, in the hope of getting to your goal, but never greedy for a win-win outcome.

2. Keep calm.

If you panic, the situation will become w…

Random Thoughts: On Service, Rules, Procedures and More

November 20, 2009

Random Thoughts: On Service, Rules, Procedures and More

There has always been a division between the rich and the poor, the employer and the employee, the government and its people. Why? There are no perfect solutions.

If mother nature has its way with things like ruining possessions and devastating lives (storm, earthquake, global warming) - humans/people can in some way, accept ideal and basic solutions which is love, work, and prayer. Here are points to ponder from a survey.

1. Love comes in service and various forms of work. Pay comes only as secondary factor. Pay is a form of work’s reward. Pay and benefits must be just to both parties. Life must be the priority in any form.

2. There is no justice in slow procedures. Remember slow procedures are acts of thieving. It is stealing one’s time, and one’s capacity to work in an office or his own home.

3. Capitalists and big businesses gain from unfair labor practices. They use poor people and do not ev…

Work of Art Links

November 19, 2009

Work of art links. The oldest art examples found on the walls of the caves, were interpreted and used in connecting people - culture, heaven - earth, life- death, time- space, GOD – man. These connections come with rituals and magical ceremonies many thousands of years ago, and had been improved as part of fine art. These paintings, lines, forms, and signs express and communicate life.

Art was developed on a grand scale by the Ancient Egyptians. The Sphinx, the Pharaohs, their structures, some of which still survive today. In about 600 BC the Greeks produced realistic statues of human form, Romans followed the Greek tradition, and during the Romanesque and Gothic periods sculpture used wood as a basic material. One of the greatest changes in art was brought about by French artist Rodin who used sculpture as form of portraiture and to capture movement. The tendency of modern sculpture is towards the abstract. Majority of public art is sculpture. Many sculpture…