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Be An illusory of the night,
I come to you, somehow bizarre
Mysterious, not with fangs, nor claws
But steadfast arms and folded knees.
Words and letters, a sucker for
In recesses embed; so lean -
In thy heart I live, expire -
That love would stay, with you I lie.
Apart from scripts, I can't exist
Apart from rage, I wilt, desist.

Apart from you, will not persist
Apart from you, without the mist.
Read me, light me, bend me, now!
Deeply fire me, fierce as how -
You would an arrow to a
Hymen. Gently as you would
To bombs, careful as to fragile wicks,
The ageless angel fleeting lips.
Minds of seas, rose blossom comes
Ascending moon, blue clouds on bed.

Tell me now, the Phallic Force
Tell me now, 'die Wahlverwandschaften? '
Show me fire, air, water, earth
Breathed on the mirror of my
Coffin. Trace with your fingers
The shape of your mouth's kiss of
Cross and sacrifice. Tell me
About love. Show me heaven,
As lovely as eternity,
And loneliness when you sleep alone.

How strong, your thighs I hold so close