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Pros and Cons: What is a Saint?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From the news, I have heard that Ex-President Corazon Aquino could be a candidate for a saint. Why not? Anyone can be a candidate - Anyone so holy or even a sinner who got converted to a life of religiousness or service

But then, I think, the crowd's applause and approval of her is enough to make her one good example of a leader. And that can't make her a saint. She got her accolades and a lot of supporters, but it wasn't enough to transform people

The Edsa Miracle was GOD's gift to the Filipinos and to the world showing the power of love and prayer. Everybody collaborated, and it was not only one leader but an assemblage of workers for peace

Sainthood couldn't be seen so soon. It will take a lot of study, time, and blood, and being unpopular/sacrifice. It will take a lot of heart to do that. One has to go down to the poor and the under privileged, deny situations of fame and accept the will of GOD and coincidences that couldn&#…