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How To Write A Feature Article

How To Write A Feature Article

I shall write. What? A feature article.

Something that is informative, helpful, and novel is the standard feature article.

In today’s global community, the feature article is one of the most in-demand-commodities. The global community values global literacy leveling to priorities in world progress.

So how do I write one?

Get a topic that you have an expertise or a topic that is of living interest.

Find the facts. These facts/information must answer the 4 W’s (what, when, where, who) and 1 H (how) that usually answer the first paragraph.

Go on a survey, interview, or research about the topic. The next paragraphs should develop the topic thoroughly using data you gathered and data you can attest for.

The last paragraph of the article must summarize what you have written in the previous paragraphs. Take note these paragraphs embody a good beginning and ending sentences which strike reader’s attention. It must be at least 250 words to get publ…