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With Saint Hannibal

Today is Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After the lull days of my blogs, my mind still flies

No, I have not been somewhere, but thought I could just do other things; in the meantime

Times were happy and fleeting with family and friends, on vacation and praying during the holy week, and also ponderings ---

And that horrible day when I ate a lot of fruits, and the shortening, I thought was butter; it gave me stomach whirpool as good as penance

I left my blogs with small words of prayer

Well, I’m almost a statue with no words. Some people would say, “The glory of a woman is silence.” This is difficult to achieve because generally, women are noisy beings who are fond of talking

April vacation, made me realize that I missed most my books and my PC

I know I could stop using them, but never away from them. The sight of these inanimate helpful man-made creations reminds human beings how happy work can be, in many ways

No, I couldn’t be Thoreau who is a naturalist, because I live in the city. …