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March 17. My Journal Notebook

Last Sunday, we were lucky to hear mass at the Cathedral in Malolos.  The Bishop said the mass, but I wasn't able to get his name.  My uncle and cousins gave us lots of mangoes.  It was fun going around.

I'm grouping my thoughts to give them order, so they'd go slow and make me write them.  I was thinking of having thoughts recorded, but I think it's different when you write.  At the moment, I'm just into writing, the most feasible time, as my thoughts come to order.  It is different now because I don' have topics, I don't have deadlines, I have house chores and my eyes have to be rested from the glaring PC.  Maybe, I'm like one fish in a big ocean, swimming and swimming until I find my friends and be happy.

I was wondering when the ushers in the church tucked the children with their mom when they were in the middle aisle.  Why?  Too much order limits praise and as Jesus said, "Let the children come to me."

A blessed Monday all!  SMile.