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Friday, March 19, 2010

Little things we offer Dear GOD

Grace and gifts in life that prod

Thank you Dear Jesus for love everyday

O Sacred Heart, beside us, do stay.

Rose Vocations 2010

The Numbers in our Lives

People are born with a number. They die with a number. The three most important events in the life of a person is marked by a number: birth, death, and marriage and/or single blessedness vow. In these points, no one can choose which number to get. It is a gift. But what we could choose from these three most important events in life is a special number in marriage/anniversary. In marriage, everybody is given a choice. The choice must be of love, and that means it must serve a family or a community.

Also, card has numbers. Lottery has numbers. Age are numbers. There is mathematics and statistics in life and in business. There are stocks and the stock market. No one can get away from the basics of Math: add, divide, multiply, subtract.

“What’s your address?” You have a house number. “What’s your phone number?” And your phone rings, when the numbers are dialed. You have identification numbers and ATM pins. We count.

Let us see what these number words mean:


EZine Articles Platinum, Rosalinda Flores - Martinez


More Poetry Words

Poems like music will forever make the world go round.

Around the world, poets will not stop writing poems and sing their hymns. Poetry is made out of life. According to Eliot and Wordsworth it is something recollected in tranquility.

Here is a sample poem : Ars Poetica by Archibald Machleish

A poem should be palpable and mute
As a globe fruit

As old medallions to the thumb

Silent as the sleeve-worn stone,
Of casement ledges where the moss has grown –

A poem should be wordless
As the light of the birds

A poem should be motionless in time
As the moon climbs

Leaving, as the moon releases
Twig by twig the night-entangled trees,

Leaving, as the moon behind the winter leaves,
Memory by memory the mind –

A poem should be motionless in time
As the moon climbs

A poem should be equal to:
Not true

For all the history of grief
An empty doorway and a maple leaf

For love
The leaning grasses and two lights above the sea –

A poem should not mean
But be.

II. Check out the following words …

Working for the World

The world will need people to move it forward. It will need people with selfless motives, and with heroic deeds. In books, we can read that success is working more than you are paid (but beware: employers who abuse the workers). This is going the extra mile.

Ralph Waldo Emerson says “A man is relieved and gay when he has put his heart into his work and done his best.”

I chose ten people for this article. Imbibe their positive qualities and insights.

1. St. Therese of Lisieux ( 1873 – 1897) is the Patroness of the missions and of all missionaries.

“I will let fall from heaven a shower of roses.”

“My heaven will be spent on earth until the end of the world. I want to spend my time on earth doing good.”

2. Pope John Paul the II Karol Wojtyla

“Love is faceless.”

John Paul the II is the first non-Italian to head the church in five centuries. He is the first Pope from a communist country and the first Pope for officially atheistic Poland.

During the “World Youth Day” the young peopl…

Grammar/ESL Review

I can still remember my teacher in high school. Her name is Miss Jose. She had further studies in the US until she taught English in the Philippines. I remember her dark glasses, and how very smart she looked. What my classmates and I am now is because she was once part of our happy education. Let me share basic grammar to everyone for review:

1. phonology Phonology is the sounds or the system of sounds into a language.

2. morphology is the shape of words and affixes. It is the branch of grammar that deals with forms of words and/or patterns or words.

3. syntax The syntax are ways words are combined into larger structures including sentences.

4. semantics Semantic means the development of meaning of words.

5.pragmatics Pragmatics is language in a social context. It is a division of semiotics which studies signs, symbols and their uses.

6. discourse A discourse are chunks of language larger than a sentence; It can be a long written or spoken discussion or conversation.

What's in a Name?

What’s in a name? Your all. Each individual is baptized with a name, and registered with a name in his/her birth certificate. Likewise, your name shows in identifications and death certificate. You can’t get away without a name because it represents who you are, whether it be your aliases or a pseudo.

Oftentimes, names come with meaning and suggests a story with it – the life it decodes. Others use names they call power names. Some writers have their assumed names, as well. Names are precious to each being they represent. In the Bible, it says that God will always remember the chosen ones, and write their names that wouldn’t be erased for all eternity.

In everyday language, names are classified under nouns. Usually, nouns stand as subjects of a sentence. Include this list in your vocabulary:

1. Nouns are names. Names are nouns. Nouns are names of persons, places, and things. They are qualities, ideas and activities. The nouns are usually the subjects in sentences. Subc…

Twinkle Star/Constellations

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Stars are among the most beautiful of God’s creations. They’re a huge ball of hot gases and contains a great deal of hydrogen. All elements in a star are in gaseous state. The sun is a star, and it is an average-sized star.

Everyone loves the stars, especially the kids. These stars make up wonderful stories and myths. One cannot just stop wondering about the stars, and dream on it.

Try this song to make your day happy:

“Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky.

Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are.”

The tune of this song is almost like the ABC tune (English alphabet song).

II. Constellations

1. constellation A constellation is a group of stars having a geometric shapes within a definite regions of the sky. Constellations are often names after mythological figures.

2. milky way A milky way is a galaxy, a slowly rotating mass of stars, dust and gas. It is 100,00…


A Miracle in Ecclesiastes

March 4, 2010

A Miracle in Ecclesiastes

A miracle is something ordinary and extraordinary, but special. It is something fascinating, honest, and supernatural. Take St. Therese little miracles of Jesus. And take the Father GOD’s miracle of Jesus on the cross for His love to humanity.

Stories about magic, myth and wonders are around. But miracles are something different. They can’t compare to any human standard or explanation. So be it. Everyday, the life we have is an evidence of miracles. And as we were born, we would live, then later we would die, too.

Heed Ecclesiastes 3:1-; There Is a Time for Everything

There is a right time for everything.
Everything on earth has its special season.
There is a time to be born and a time to die.
There is a time to plant and a time to pull up plants.
There is a time to kill and to heal.
There is a time to destroy and a time to build.
There is a time to cry and a time to laugh.
There is a time to be sad and a time to dance.
There is a time …

In Many Moons

In Many Moons

Soon, I will die for my love

and he will die for me

When our cups will be one

the earth will tremble

the mountains will crack

and the sea will divide

My dearest will embrace me

in the nest of the battlefield

and I will kiss the hilt of his

sword that will pierce the dragon

My dearest will chain Medusa

and bury the serpents head

I will let my knight ride on

my back and we will fly

and slash with lightning

any creature that goes

between our love

We shall never separate,

until death meridians will

hold us together from pole

to pole our stars, an

army to guard our nook

The wind a shield to cover

us from the foe and the

moon our bed of conception

will hide itself in red blaze

We will make love in

many moons, in 360

days we’ll sup bliss, sire an

offspring in Indian summer

They will till the soil

dig the sea, a harvest

so great, deities will agree

Me and my love, an

army of constellations

will never separate

Until in GOD’s hand,

In a deep peaceful slumber,

He wil…

Alvarez on Sylvia Plath

Alvarez on Sylvia Plath

She was a valued poet. During poetry classes held in numerous academias and workshops, there was always something special about her work. Poetry students kept thinking about her life, and the readers curiosity got aroused. And I, like the other writers and readers came always peeping on her poetry and the life that wrote that poetry. She was married in 1956 to Ted Hughes, who was also a notable poet. The critic A. Alvarez wrote in his personal essay that maybe this was why she and her husband had temporarily parted, it was a question not of differences but of intolerable similarities.

From time to time, upon reading the personal essay of Alvarez about Sylvia Plath, there was a certain part of her life that was quite similar to ordinary mothers who worked for a living, took care of babies, and did domestic chores. No doubt, the plainness of Sylvia’s life, was as ordinary as anyone’s, but intolerably complicated because of the imaginary thoughts of her bei…

A Book Analysis: Uses of Death

Masters of the world say communities have to be voracious readers for civilization to progress. As I came across this book, “Cities of the Dead,” by Joseph Roach (1941), I thought there was something special about the topic, because we are the living and soon, we would all die. Of course, everyone must savor the life we have because life is a gift from God. Yet, life is a balanced equation. It comes complete with death. Birth is equal to death. That is why Jesus Christ came for us, to give us more, that we may be worthy and happy of the present. The present will be tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the next past. Such is the cycle of time. Death has many uses.

Cities of the Dead showcases murals, cemeteries, burials, festivals, historical monuments, art, and pictures of cities that convey no words but a heritage. Codes, symbols, and issues suggest functions to be deciphered by scholars. The forgotten dead but not gone opens a collective memory for the living.

Moreover, poets sing…

Fiction Characters: Victor and Vixen

March 1, 2010

Fiction Characters: Victor and Vixen

When talking about characters, everybody gets excited. The characters in the movies, on television, and read in books become part of the audience’ consciousness as heroes, antagonists, and inspirations. Hence, they form significance in the study of arts, literature, and culture.

The books give readers Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling), and the classic Huck Finn in Mark Twain's novel (Huckleberry Finn).

In the cinema, actors and actresses are mostly remembered by the roles they play. Tom Cruise in “Last Samurai,” Jean Claude Vandamme in “Universal Soldier,” Kate Winslet (as Rose) in “Titanic,” and Al Pacino in “The Godfather.”

On television, Japanese animation created “ Doraemon,” Filipino wonder woman is “Darna,” and now, a blast in Korean drama “Queen Seon Duk,” with the antagonists and protagonists like “Mishil, Bidam, and Yushin,” as examples.

Indeed, fiction characters had woven culture for all time.…